Why You May Need A Caffeine Detox

Detox from Caffeine

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In this post I will explain why it is important that you cut down on the caffeine and that you may need a caffeine detox like I did.

I never thought I had a problem drinking caffeinated drinks because I never really noticed how much they affected me. I also was living in California at sea level so I am sure that played a big part in that.

It started with me just drinking sodas when I wake up. Then I added another later in the day and then one more in the evening. That wasn’t getting me through the day so I moved to the lower of the caffeinated energy drinks. Then that wasn’t even helping so I bumped it up again to Redbulls or Monsters. Until one night where my head was pounding and I was so jittery. I had to take a cold shower because I was up at 1 am sweating telling my wife it was hot in our “cold” room. I was afraid something serious may be wrong when she told me its not hot in here.

That was when I decided I needed to try and eliminate caffeinated drinks from my life as best as I could. There are two ways to get off of caffeine:

1. Cut Caffeine Cold Turkey

Now if you go cold turkey, expect fatigue and some sort of headache. The headache could be mild to extreme depending on how hooked your body is on it. This is because you would essentially be going through caffeine withdrawals.

2. Wean Off (2-3 Weeks)

This approach is just as effective as going cold turkey. Where its downfall is it takes roughly 21 days. The benefit though is you don’t get the fatigue and headaches as you would if you just went cold turkey. This process basically is just a matter of slowly cutting back on caffeine until you get to the point where you have eliminated it completely from your daily life. So pick your “poison” as to which way you want to start your caffeine detox.

Benefits: Of Both Ways

You probably are asking yourself: Why do I want to rid myself of something that gives me energy? Well here are some reasons why.

  • Improved Sleep (which will naturally give you more energy)

This one is amazing if you haven’t done this already you will notice it once you do. Once you are off of caffeine you will notice you sleep better because your mind is at ease.

  • Reduced Anxiety

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  • Money Saved

Cut out the coffees, sodas, energy drinks and just drink water and imagine how much money you will save! My wife tries to get me to take her to Starbucks and that is at least $5 just for her. If we frequented that establishment three times a day then I would be spending over $70 a week there!

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Weight Loss
  • Less Tolerance (if you chose to start drinking again)

I have done a caffeine detox in the past. My retail job schedule didn’t allow me to stick to it but I have experience the tolerance change first hand. The body can go from getting no kick off of 2 cans of Redbull to flying off of half a can!

My Choice:

I chose to go cold turkey because I hate to draw things out. Let me tell you best and worst decision EVER! When I did this I made sure I did it on my days off. I did this because I knew I was going to have a headache. Let me tell you did I ever! Both days I was off I had basically a migraine. I got lucky though because after that I felt fine.

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I have decided going forward that I am no longer going to drink ANY energy drinks. That means goodbye Monsters, Redbulls, Rockstars ETC.

If I drink any caffeine I am going to limit it to 1 cup in the morning. I am no longer going to drink coffee either. All of these choices have made me decide to look for alternate ways to get that energy that I use to get from caffeine.

Alternatives to Caffeine

As I mentioned before caffeine I started to become addicted to it and I felt as though I could never get enough. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms include headache, anxiety, irritability, and depression. If you’re like myself who is or at least once was dependent on caffeine, then try some of these alternatives. If you do you will notice you will have more energy and you won’t have to hide that tired feeling with more caffeine.

Start Your Day Off With A Glass Of Water

I never realized how much water has an affect on energizing a person. I started to drink a glass of water in the morning because I found out that dehydration can make you feel tired.

Get the right amount of sleep

Well this one should be obvious, if you get three hours of sleep you will be tired. Oddly not everyone needs the same amount of sleep though. I say this because my wife and I will go to bed at the same time and I will wake up three hours before her. My body needs less sleep than hers, the point is, find out what your body needs and make a schedule so that you are able to achieve that every night.

Invest In Your Sleep

I did just this a while back and bought a Sleep Number bed and I have to tell you it was worth every penny! You spend a good portion of your life sleeping so why not invest in a mattress that you will love? The longer you have your mattress the less supportive it is and when it gets to that point your sleep suffers. When your sleep suffers you typically toss and turn all night, unable to truely get the deep sleep your body needs to recharge. If you want the information for the bed I bought just let me know in the comments below and I will send you a link.

Take B12 Supplements

You can get B12 Naturally by eating more meat. If you are not up to eating more meat you can also do it by taking B12 supplements. The nice thing about B12 is it helps in the regulation of the nervous system. It also helps with stress and depression as well as many other things.

Take A Cold Shower

Now from experience I have learned cold showers (don’t turn the hot water on at all) are very energizing. These are great to take in the morning especially if you have a job that makes to wake up before the sun.

Stay Away From Sugars

Keep a well-balanced diet. If you don’t and you have on that is high in sugar while low in fiber content you will cause your blood sugar to become very erratic. What this does is it makes you feel tired and unenergetic.

Listen To Your Favorite Music

This will give you that instant charge you need. Like I said in the related post. If you listen to upbeat music it not only gets you moving for the day but how can you feel down listening to a song like Happy by Pharrell Williams, or Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake?

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I went through this detox a few weeks ago and enjoyed my time caffeine free but then my life hit a bit of a rough patch. I am making a commitment today. Starting July 1:

I am going to go 31 days completely caffeine free. That means NO:

  • SODA

I would like people to join me on this journey because it is an amazing feeling running on natural energy. So I have created a Facebook group and if you would like to join me on this journey then you are welcome to join the group and share your journey with me! Join HERE.

If you can think of any other alternatives to caffeine I would love to hear about them in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed the read!

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