The Ultimate Guide to Living An Amazing Life Today

We all can get busy sometimes and can think when is my time to have an amazing life. Well that is why I put together this ultimate guide to living an amazing life today. Everyone deserves that life, doesn't matter who you are. So take note and start doing these things today! #BETTERLIFE

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We all can get busy sometimes and can think when is my time to have an amazing life. Well that is why I put together this ultimate guide to living an amazing life today. Everyone deserves that life, doesn’t matter who you are. So take note and start doing these things today!

1. Set Boundaries

Too often we are overwhelmed and stressed because we bite off more than we can chew and try to help everyone we can. We haven’t set clear boundaries with the people around us. This brings us down because we feel burdened and resentful of those people because we feel like we have to help them even though we don’t. Set those boundaries right off the bat and then you will see how healthy those relationships with those people will truly be.

2. Make Yourself A Priority

Continuing from #1, if you don’t make yourself a priority, you haven’t set boundaries yet. So before you can continue, you’ll have to do that. It is nice to help others out but what good is life if you don’t…

3. Sleep

This one I am horrible with. I currently am working retail so I don’t have a set schedule. This means one week I could be working morning shifts, while the next I could be doing closing shifts. You want to get roughly 8 hours of sleep to feel refreshed and ready to go. If you get under 7 you can start to feel run down and at the very least you will get sick. Too much sleep, on the other hand, isn’t good either. 10+ hours and you will feel the same way very tired. I can’t tell you if you will get sick because personally, I don’t sleep that long so I have never experienced that. I do know though that it makes it so that you don’t want to get up and start your day, making it very hard for you to get things done.

4. Drink Water

Another one that I am absolutely horrific at! I know it’s not an excuse but the retail life makes it so I drink lots of caffeinated drinks to make it through the day. Sometimes I don’t realize I have consumed too much caffeine until its too late. There are two different ways to measure how much water to drink. Either you can drink 8 glasses, or you can get a gallon jug and drink 1/2 gallon a day.

5. Make A TO-DO List

I am all about lists to get things done. The thing is though you don’t want to break down your day into 100 things because then you will look at that list and feel overwhelmed and just say F* it! Then you have just done the opposite of what you set out to do. Make your to-do list 3 things that are MUST DO’s. When putting your list together ask yourself: Must this get done today? If the answer isn’t a for sure yes it doesn’t go on the list and you don’t do it today.

6. SAY NO!

This goes for at home and at work. If it’s not morally right, legal, or you just get that funny feeling then definitely say NO. I don’t care if it’s at work or at home but sometimes you will have to say no to your boss. Hell, I have told my boss I didn’t want to do something before. Be prepared you might have to explain why you don’t want to but that is your right to explain.

7. Trust Your Instinct

This one goes hand in hand with 6. So that “funny feeling” that’s your instinct, trust it. Others say its your gut, whatever you may call it listen to it. There could be a situation that you are new to that something just doesn’t feel right, you can do one of two things. You could either press forward ignore that feeling and said bad thing could happen, or you could trust your instinct and avoid whatever it was that may have occurred.

8. Ask For Help

Don’t feel ashamed if you have to ask for help! Don’t let pride get the best of you. Look at it this way: You do not know everything!!!! Right now when it comes to writing my blog I am constantly asking my wife for help. She has been blogging for YEARS longer than me, so I am constantly asking her how do you do this, how do you do that. Maybe sometimes she wishes I stop asking her for help but my point is I am not afraid to ask for help when I need it.

9. Get Outside

The next two will go hand in hand. I have noticed recently when I stay inside just for 2 days in a row that my skin starts to crawl and I need to do something. Stir Crazy, Cabin Fever.. call it what you want but the point is don’t stay inside for too long if you don’t HAVE to! Get out, go for a drive, go find something to do outside it will feel amazing. (RELATED POST)

10. Get Physical

This works perfectly with getting outside because there is no better way to get physical than going on a hike! Since I have moved here I only went to Garden Of The Gods, but there are so many other places that are hiking trails that I want to go on. Hopefully, I will go on them soon and share my experiences with them here.

11. Say Your Sorry (When it’s truly needed)

I say that you need to say it when truly needed because this can swing both ways. If you never say it then there is going to be a ton of resentment because you never take responsibility for something that caused a problem. On the other side of things if you are always saying sorry for everything… I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry. Well then it just gets annoying and loses its value.

12. Remove the STRESSER (Clutter)

So this is something that I have just come to respect. The more I work at my day job and try to get that structured, the more I realize that my own home is a cluttered mess and it STRESSES ME OUT! So on my days off I pick a room and focused on that to get clutter free. After doing that I realized my stress levels went down. That is why I took the time and effort to create a cleaning schedule which you can read here: CLEANING SCHEDULE

13. Use A Calendar

This works for many things. You can use it for the cleaning schedule that you can check out above. You can also use it for your finances. What every you decide to use it for is your choice. I have tried using calendar apps and finance apps to help like a calendar and neither have been as helpful as just a good old fashion calendar. This is because I can put it somewhere that I can physically see it 24/7 and that is what I need.

14. Laugh More

I try my best to make sure I am doing this. At work I probably go a little overboard with this and can be goofy at times but I enjoy cheering people up and seeing them laugh makes me happy. Also me being goofy just makes me laugh more as well.

15. Read (More)

I titled it the way I did because at this moment I don’t even read! It’s horrible. I was given a book for Christmas and I still haven’t finished that book. I know I need to read more because there is SO much that can be learned. Also they are a great escape from the real world if you need that. I was looking at the books that Game Of Thrones is based off and some of them are 1000+ pages.

16. Focus on 1 Thing At A Time

At times I have been told I am UNFOCUSED. This hit me hard because I strive on being successful and being told I’m not doing something right is hard. That is when I decided that I needed to take things OFF my plate. I knew I could get them done but I figured if I focused ALL my attention on 1 thing it would make me seem FOCUSED. This is also when I decided to live by this:

Since living by this now if I give myself a goal, I don’t just hit it. I DESTROY IT!

17. Tell people you love them

I am horrible with this. I take people for granted and I shouldn’t. It wasn’t until my grandpa passed that it really hit me that life isn’t forever. Sometimes I forget that my parents aren’t as young as they use to be. I try to call them as often as I can that way I can at least talk to them. Yet when we get off the phone they might get that love you 1/5 of the time. So if you are reading this tell your family you love them. Bare with me while I tell a few people right now: I love you mom, I love you dad, best wife ever love you!

18. Let It Go!

So you have that person that is constantly annoying you with stupid things they do. Can you change them…probably not, so just let it go! If you enjoy the persons company then just enjoy their company and forget about the stupid stuff that annoys you. When you just let it go you will be amazed at how relaxing it is.

19. Live In The Present

I don’t obsess of what is to come very often but I am guilty of obsessing over why didn’t that happen. This is a very toxic behavior and as said above you just need to let it go. Don’t worry about why something didn’t go the way you wanted or if things are going to go right in a meeting that hasn’t happened yet. Live in the NOW, do what you can that moment to make yourself happy and you will be grateful that you did.

20. Don’t Skip Breakfast

I was doing this on occasion not because I wasn’t hungry but more because I didn’t want to make myself something to eat. I usually wake up extremely tired so pushing myself to do things in the morning is not easy. I began to realize though when I got to work I was weak and tired because I had not eaten yet. So I started making an effort to eat breakfast and that alone has given me more energy in the morning and I am now more productive in the mornings then I have ever been before.

21. Complain Less

Guilty of this again… A lot of these I need to work on. I have noticed though complaining all the time does nothing good. You upset the people around you, you stay upset over whatever it is that is bothering you, and complaining about it doesn’t actually change the situation. The days I go without complaining I feel like a completely different person. I feel so calm and relaxed almost as if I don’t have a care in the world.

22. Schedule a Date With your Love Ones

Life is busy, back in November I was working 6 days a week, every week. I didn’t really have time for anyone but me or my work. Towards the end of the month I started to realize that my wife was becoming disconnected, and my daughter was becoming more clingy than usual. Then recently I have made a conscious effort to spend at least one of my days off with my family and things are great!

23. Help Others

Pay it forward. Haven’t you heard the stories online of someone going to any coffee shop or fast food place and when they go to pay they don’t have to because it’s already paid for. That is just one option of the many things you could do to pay it forward and make someone’s day great! Doing that just makes you feel good and it makes the world just a little better than it is right now. (RELATED POST)

24. Do Something Nice For Someone

This one goes hand in hand with 23. You can do what I mentioned above and that person will definitely think it is nice. Now if you are doing something for a family member try something a little more personal. How about make them breakfast without them asking. You know that one thing you are always asked to do but you REALLY DON’T want to do it… just get it done for them. They will be surprised that it’s done and that feeling will make you feel great.

25. Do a Hobby

Having a hobby is an amazing way to destress after a long work day/week. It is something that you can look forward to and to some extent even make a little side money from. I don’t suggest trying to push making money from a hobby though because then you are going to add stress to something that should be fun. If you don’t have a hobby or don’t know where to start Buzzfeed can help with that with this article just on that: HOBBIES

26. Practice Gratitude

STOP focusing on the negative. I know you can’t help it. The truth is you can. If you are reading this right now that means you either have a computer or a phone which is more than a lot of people so that right there is something to be thankful for. I get frustrated when things don’t go my way but then I just look outside my work and see the homeless people begging for money. I then think all the crap going on in my life isn’t half as bad as what they have going on. So just remember to think of 3-5 things that you are thankful for each day and your day will be better.

27. Goal Setting

Now this one has two parts. First stop making ridiculous goals that are unobtainable. For example my wife currently has 100k followers on Pinterest. Now I could say my goal is to get 100k followers so that I could pass her, but I am only going to disappoint myself because its going to take me over 2 years to actually hit that goal. So instead make small goals for yourself that are difficult to achieve but obtainable. For example when I wrote this I had 1.5k followers on Pinterest, so I set a daily goal of getting 100 or more new followers a day and another mini goal of hitting 2k followers. That way I can celebrate each milestone and also tweak what I need to if I don’t see the results that I want to.

29. Not Enough Hours For Everything

Unfortunately there will never be enough hours in the day for everything that you want to get done. This is why you need to list your priorities and try to stick to it. When cleaning try your best to stick to a schedule to make it easier to manage so you aren’t stuck doing it only on your days off. For more info on that check out this: CLEANING SCHEDULE


With it being the digital age too many of us have our heads in computers, tablets, on mobile devices. I have one question for you: How can you have quality time with anyone if you aren’t paying any attention to them? So I challenge you on the weekends UNPLUG and either go somewhere with your love ones or just spend good quality time with them. If you have kids you will cherish this because before you know it they will be out of the house and you will have lost the chance to connect with them.

We all can get busy sometimes and can think when is my time to have an amazing life.  Well that is why I put together this ultimate guide to living an amazing life today.  Everyone deserves that life, doesn't matter who you are.  So take note and start doing these things today! #BETTERLIFE

If you have other ways for living a more amazing life I would love to hear them! Leave a comment below and let me know.

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