The Danger Of What If

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So we all go down that path of asking ourselves what if. That can be a danger though. I mean I could ask what if I can’t blog, or what if this post sucks? This might get me to stop doing something I enjoy so I don’t go down that rabbit hole.

On a more ridiculous note lets have some fun with the danger of what if and ask these crazy what if questions!

1. What if everything we do has already been predetermined?

2. What if I never existed?

3. What if we are just a marble in an aliens game from another galaxy

4. What if the American Civil War never happened?

5. What if we could download our dreams into a machine?

6. What if when we are dreaming we are actually awake!

7. What if your choices don’t impact anyone?

8. What if we are all just players in a video game?

9. What if the sun stops burning?

10. What if Racism ends?

11. What if we had 3 day work weeks but you had to work longer hours?

12. What if you bought this book but never read it?

13. What if you read this post about 20 ways to pay it forward?

14. What if everyone we had no electronics?

15. What if Dwayne Johnson was President of the United States?

16. What if you never left your hometown?

17. What if there were no vehicles?

18. What if I quit my job ?

19. What if we didnt need to charge phones?

20. What if I don’t need you?

21. What if you could go back and fix one thing?

22. What if the America’s were never discovered?

23. What if your parents didn’t like me?

24. What if I told you that I was not happy with you anymore?

25. What if the world is coming to an end but you didn’t know when?

26. What if you had to pick one person to be with forever?

27. What if everyone grew up having a safe, healthy, happy childhood?

28. What if I liked to dance naked while listening to your least favorite music?

29. What if I never wrote this blog?

30. What if I like to dance naked while listening to Baby Shark?

31. What if I had no money…would you still love me?

32. What if you knew when you were going to die?

33. What if you had no idea who anyone was?

34. What if you went to prison?

35. What if I went to Prison?

36. What if you got pregnant?

37. What if you were cheated on?

38. What if you found out your loved one used to be of the other gender?

39. What if a coworker flirted with you everyday at work?

40. What if you could relive one day? What day would you choose?

41. What if you became homeless?

42. What if World War III started?

43. What if your worse fear came true?

44. What if the earth was bigger?

45. What if dinosaurs still existed?

46. What if there was less/no gravity?

47. What if you were 2x as smart?

48. What if you saw me crying?

49. What if there were no cats?

50. What if you could go somewhere one more time, where would you choose to go?

51. What if you could only eat one type of food?

52. What if you have an opportunity to travel around the world, where would you want to go first?

53. What if we had only one more day together, what would you want to do?

54. What if you had to choose between me and your job. What would it be?

55. What if there were no seasons?

56. What if I killed someone? What would you do?

57. What if humans had eagle vision but didn’t know how to use it?

58. What if aliens attacked tomorrow?

59. What if the internet broke but you could somehow still access this site?

60. What if movies didn’t exist?

61. What if people could read your thoughts, would you be in trouble?

62. What if you had to be an animal? What animal would it be?

63. What if I kept putting random What if questions to continue this list?

I stopped at 63 not because I ran out of What If questions but that is because I figured I made my point. It is a dangerous question to ask and to be honest I feel like it is the one question we don’t need to be asking ourselves If I go back to all the jobs I have had over the 20 years I have worked I could ask dozens of what if questions.

What if I got promoted? What if I took that job instead of the other… and countless more. My life took the path it was meant to take and I love where I am. So use this list so you can learn the danger of what-ifs and purge yourself of using that question. Then I want you to go and listen to What Ifs by Kane Brown, and move on with your life, have some fun, and enjoy what you have. I know I try my best to do just that.

I hope you enjoyed that. Now don’t forget to tell your friends about it. You don’t want them using the nasty What If.

4 thoughts on “The Danger Of What If”

  1. I hate ‘what if…’. I worry about stupid things every night with that very question going through my head. It can be hell and really take away from your own, present life.

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