September Blog Traffic and Income Report 2019

Here I am finishing my sixth month of blogging and by now I really hope someone gets something out of this. Here is the September Income and Traffic Report

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Welcome back to another edition of this report. Here I am finishing September which ismy sixth month of blogging and by now I really hope someone gets something out of this. I think I might be getting burned out because after six months I think I should be seeing better results than I am. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time or money that I want to invest in my blog which I think maybe hurting me.

I continued to push Tailwind again because I really enjoy using that platform. The one downside is I could be getting a ton of people to schedule my pins this month but I won’t see the results from that until they actually get published for those people. Depending on how active people are on Tailwind that can actually be a few months out.

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I personally wrote 4 and I had 1 guest post. I went a different route than I normally do because two of the posts are just lists of recipes that take you to other bloggers pages. When it comes to my other posts I tried to keep them long because I try to write longer valuable posts. You should know by now I don’t want to write just 1,000 posts that are short just to keep things fresh on the page. My goal is quality over quantity. I shoot to get just 1 post out a week unless I am feeling something. Asl long as I get four out in a month I am happy.

In August I made a change in the permalink of my site and that has been a huge task to fix. All of my pins that I had in Tailwind were ruined.  I also had a viral pin that was ruined. All of my traffic crashed since I did that. Although it has sucked trying to fix the issue and I am still feeling the effects of it. It is better that I did it now instead of a year from now when I would have had A LOT more posts to fix.


I think because of what I did to my permalink my traffic took a big hit. Even though I am in my sixth month blogging it is now like I am back in month 1 or 2.

Now Facebook groups are only used to promote my Pinterest pins because I feel like getting my pins to go viral will be the best way to get my traffic up again. I actually did have a pin go viral as well but unfortunately, it was one that was a quote so people didn’t really want to click over to my blog, they just shared the quote.

Tailwind works so I am still pushing that hard. The results will show again I just need to wait for everyone who has scheduled my pins for them to get posted.

If you want to learn more about it check this out: Grow Your Blog Like A Boss With Tailwind!

If you are in the right tribes you can potentially have a blogger with a great following share your pin and lots of people can see it. I am starting to see results from it and its amazing. If you don’t have Tailwind yet go check it out! CLICK HERE Below is what Tailwind did for my Traffic before I had my permalink issue.

August 2019 Google Analytics from Tailwind of traffic

Also like I said the tribes are amazing and if you find a great one you are in business and that is why I created one so I could make sure that it could work well for everyone. That is why if you haven’t yet I want you to join my TRIBE today!

Tailwind Stats for possible traffic
Not seen is one more sharer that scheduled 14 with potential reach of 1068244

So I feel like the best way to track your site stats is Google Analytics. This month has been down for me. In August I had a bump from Tailwind and I was excited about that because I thought my blog was finally going to start picking up traffic. I was wrong, I blame this entirely on changing the permalink. Since I made that change my traffic has gone back to where I was when I first started blogging.

So I feel that all my work with Tailwind has now been postponed for a few months. I do believe I will see the results but I just think that I postponed it so now instead of starting to see the results now I will have to wait another 2-3 months. I still have a ways to go to reach my long term goal of getting to 25,000 sessions. My goal is this because that’s what Mediavine wants for you to join them. September I ended with 1, sessions which was down 52% from the month before. Like I said earlier this another side effect of changing the permalink. I feel I lost trust in some people when they went to some of my links and saw Oops message.

Social Media:

So this month I continued to push hard trying to get my Facebook page up because I really wanted to get that going. Let’s be honest I was sick of seeing that media being the lowest of all of them. Also since I was pushing Tailwind so hard Pinterest was still my main focus.


With the help of Tailwind, I have seen a steady growth with my Pinterest. I currently have over 3000 followers on Pinterest and growing. I now have two group boards which I pour my love into Bloggers Helping Bloggers Go Viral and Lifestyle Repinned. Below I have the stats from Pinterest showing how I have done on Pinterest compared to last month.

September compared to August
Traffic stats from pinterest
August compared to July


I now have 286 followers on my The Million Dollar Dad Facebook page. That is up 27 from the month before!! This page I try to post to any time I make a new post. I would love all new readers to follow my facebook page. You can do that by clicking the link above.


This was where I was struggling the most until I started pushing Tailwind. I only had 2 subscribers before I pushed my efforts with Tailwind and now I am up to 28! I have had difficulties with this since I started because the service that I was using wouldn’t let me write emails so I think I might have to start from scratch on this too. Very frustrating…


Not much focus is put here other that I share a lot of my posts here. I currently have 1,284 followers on Twitter. I have gained a nice 24 followers on here this month…


So I try posting here daily but I don’t always get a chance to. When I get a new post done I post it to let my followers know. This month I have been lucky and have gotten a nice growth on this platform. I have tried to more than just motivational quotes this month. I still haven’t figured out what my followers like but I have at least gained followers. So I am currently at 953 followers on Instagram. That is up 97 from last month, two straight months of gains, nice to see!


I have an account here that people are constantly asking to connect with me so my connections on LinkedIn are constantly going up. It’s only used for my new posts though so I don’t see much from this. I am ok with that because its not the market that I am trying to connect with.


So I definately am not a blogger who has gotten rich quick. I know that you will see some that have make a lot of money fast. Most of the time that is just luck and luck doesnt last. I firmly believe that to have an amazing blog you need to build a great foundation and that takes time.

In August I did make $4.91 in ads, down from $9.16 from the month before. So now I just have to get my traffic back up and my ad income will go back up.

I did have one affiliate sales again(kind of). Someone joined Tailwind through one of my links. So because they did that I get $15 for that new Tailwind user I referred because they must haver upgraded to plus! Also what is cool is that person got $15 when they signed up, so it was a win-win!

Goals For September:

Achieve 5000 total sessions on my blog. (UNSUCCESFUL): I was not even close on this one. It was barely over 1,000

Reach 200,000 unique monthly views on Pinterest. (SUCCESFUL): Thanks to a viral post I got up to 243k

Gain a total of 300 followers on Facebook page (UNSUCCESSFUL) Didn’t quite make it to 300

Grow Email subscribers to 20 total subscribers. (SUCCESSFUL!) Another pleasant surprise here with over 20 subscribers

Get to 3000 total followers on Pinterest (SUCCESFUL) Made it and then some… 3,105

Get to 1000 followers on Instagram (UNSUCCESSFUL) Close but not quite 952

Goals For October:

Again Im going for this one. Achieve 5000 total sessions on my blog.

Reach 300,000 unique monthly views on Pinterest.

Get to 300 total followers on Facebook page

Grow Email subscribers to 30 total subscribers.

Get to 3500 total followers on Pinterest

Get to 1000 followers on Instagram

My main focus is going to be Pinterest. I am going to continue to push Tailwind because I feel that with pushing that my blog will grow the most and it will really grow those and I can really be successful! I am also possibly going to change directions with my blog. For that, I ask that you take this short 2-minute survey.

The results from the survey will let me know what you think of my blog and also give me an idea of what my readers would like.

 Here I am finishing my sixth month of blogging and by now I really hope someone gets something out of this.  Here is the September Income and Traffic Report

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That was my September blog income and traffic report. I hope you enjoyed it I will try and post another one next month around this same time!

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