My Favorite Challenges For Improving Your Life!

Amazing challenges for your health, which I find enjoyable, then there will be financial ones that everyone can use, and there will be ones for the family.

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When it comes to doing things if you try and start something, it’s a lot harder to do if you don’t have a schedule for it, that is why I love 30-day challenges! It forces you to stay committed for at least 30 days and then from there you can do another 30-day challenge after that.

In this list of amazing challenges, I will give you some for your health, which I find enjoyable, then there will be financial ones that everyone can use, and last but not least there will be ones for the family.


1. Drink more water

There are two ways to go about this. Eight glasses a day (easy to keep track of) or go with half your body weight in ounces (harder to keep track of). Both are good ways of drinking more water, and that gives us energy, flushes out toxins, helps weight loss and is by far the easiest, cheapest, and the best way to stay healthy without having to give anything up.

2. Brush your teeth twice a day

It’s so easy, painless and something we should be doing already but so very hard to do and do well. Bacteria in the mouth can affect not just our teeth but possibly our body as well.

3. Floss every day

This goes with brushing your teeth. The health of your mouth can affect everything. Work up to flossing your whole mouth though because if you don’t regularly floss it can be painful at first.

4. Meal Planning

This can seem a little weird at first (NOT REALLY A 30 DAY CHALLENGE) This is more of a weekly challenge. You will need to set aside time each week to plan your meals and make a grocery list for the next week.

5. Eat breakfast every morning

My wife currently struggles with this because she doesn’t feel hungry in the morning but eating a good breakfast within an hour of waking up is very good for you.

6. Practice good posture

Simple enough… every day remember to sit up straight and stand up taller!

7. Keep a food journal

Write down every single thing you eat and drink in a journal. Journaling what you eat is habit-forming and you have no idea before you know it you will find yourself eating better.

8. Take your lunch to work

Now I know this falls in both health and wealth, but sometimes that can happen. Image though if you are spending $6 a day on lunch for work if you start to take your own not only are you going to save a lot of money but considering that usually, fast food isn’t a healthy option you are going to start eating a lot better! Making this a fun challenge and it also allows you to put a little money aside for a rainy day.

9. Cook something NEW everyday

Now this one can be a little difficult but if you love to cook, or if you have read the book Julie and Julia or seen the movie and wanted to do that then this challenge could be for you.

10. Sleep for 8-9 hours every night

Coming from someone who is only getting 6-7 hours of sleep. Making it a priority to either go to bed earlier (or wake up later) every day is a must! Find the way to get your body the 8 hours of sleep it needs!

Amazing challenges for your health, which I find enjoyable, then there will be financial ones that everyone can use, and there will be ones for the family.

11. Work on a standing desk

Standing desks aren’t for everyone, but if you find that you’re not getting around and just sitting too much, then you might want to try using one.

12. Take a cold shower

Bbrrrrr…When you wake up, Yes it sounds HORRIBLE, but head for the shower and turn it to cold. The benefits of this are improved circulation, more energy as well as the potential for more…

13. Stretch

Stretching is one of those very easy challenges to do if you just do it! Yoga is one way to stretch and can be easy to do. There are other ways to stretch as well which are good for the body, just make sure that you don’t stretch past the point of pain. Whatever you do commit to doing it for 30 days and you will thank yourself for doing it!

14. Walk for 30 Minutes a day

Can you walk 10,000 steps in a day? If you can, it will help your mood as well as strengthen your heart! The best thing is you can do it as fast or as slow as you want!

15. Take the stairs

For 30 days, NO ELEVATORS!

16. Run

Work your way up to a 5k.

17. Burpees

These are an awesome full-body exercise but its very tiring.

18. Plank

Start with just 30 seconds and work your way up to 3 or even 5 minutes by the end of 30 days! 

19. Pushups

This is up to you but each day try and better yourself on what you did before until you can do 100 pushups in one set. It more than likely will take more than 30 days to reach this but the results will be very satisfying!

20. Situps, Squats, Wall Sits

Find an amount or a challenge you like 300 situps? 200 squats? A 5-minute wall sit? Something challenging but that interests you and work up to your goal.


21. Set priorities for your day

The best way to help with fixing your financial situation is setting your priorities. Each morning, decide on the top 5 things you want to accomplish. Write them down and spend a few minutes on how you are going to accomplish those said things.

22. Brainstorm

Every day for 30 days, write down 5 or more things for anything. This will help clear your mind and get into the best financial mindset. It forces you to stretch your brain and strengthen the idea muscle.

23. Clean up your clutter

If you live in chaos you can never be successful. Clean up the clutter or you will always be living in “quicksand” and not be able to succeed at what you want and always be playing catch up.

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24. Follow a budgeting system

Doing this will help you realize where all your money is going and when you do that then you will never be surprised about bills when they come.

25. Follow a morning routine

There is a lot to be said about setting a morning routine so that you can get your day off right. Pick a few things that you think would be great for you to do each morning and have fun doing them!

26. Follow a bedtime routine

At the same time you need to have a good bedtime routine to be successful. Getting a good night sleep gets you prepared for the next day so consider no electronics, journaling, stretching or even reading your favorite book for 30 minutes.

27. Wake up early (hard)

Wake up and get to work! I am an early riser, so this is not a challenge for me. If I am not tired I am up at 5:30 am on a tired day it will be as late as 7am but the earlier, the better because you can get more done. I like it because then I can be done by 9 am and then take a little nap before having to go to work at 2pm.

28. No complaining

This one is very hard. You are behind on bills, your internet is about to be cut off, and you can’t stream the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. Sure, it feels good, but being someone who is a chronic complainer, we seem to do it daily, and negativity will not get us the type of life that we want.

29. No credit cards, pay only with cash

Do you want to improve your financial life? STOP USING CREDIT CARDS!!! Spend some time so you can budget how much money you can spend but hide those credit cards or even throw them away for this challenge. That way, you have to pay with cash.

Amazing challenges for your health, which I find enjoyable, then there will be financial ones that everyone can use, and there will be ones for the family.

30. No shopping

Very similar to a NO SPEND challenge or the “stay away from Target” challenge. Before you start to decide what falls into the “acceptable” category and what items fall into the “off limits” category.

31. Start a blog

This one can be beneficial if done right. Blogs can be done just for fun if you want and if that’s the case use one of the free sites and don’t put a lot of thought or effort into it because you’re just doing it for fun.

Though if you want to make money with it eventually, then you will want to plan it out like you are planning out a new business. Make sure you use the right web host, design and promote – all in 30 days.

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32. Write a book

Do you want to be called an author? Write a book! Finish it and publish it and you are an author, now it might not be good but at least you can call yourself an author. If you take the time and effort to get feedback and make sure its well done then you can even make some money with the book you publish!

33. Watch a TED talk every day

TED talks are usually 15 minutes or less but there are some amazing ones out there. You are probably wondering how this wound up in wealth. The answer is: Watching these will help get you the answers you need to advance in your career and get that promotion you have always wanted!

34. No fast food

I know for some this would be an easy challenge. Although for others it’s part of the daily routine due to the career they have chosen. It is so easy to get, and the fact that it is cheap and addicting makes it hard to shift into meal planning which is less expensive and better for you.

35. Take a photo every day

Take a photo of something that makes you happy, and something different every day. You can search for various places for different challenges for photos. If you want you can even sell your photos for some extra money.

36. Listen to audiobooks

For 30 days, find your favorite motivating books or self-help books and commit to listening to them. Doing this you will learn so much, and it will help you in your career. You will thank yourself when you are done.

37. Meditate

Commit to 10 minutes a day for 30 days. Clearing your mind is the best way to be successful.

38. Money Saving Challenge

There are so many different 30 day challenges to do to save money. The first and easiest is to start the first day with $1 and each day just add another $1 until you are putting $31 in on the 31st. It ends up being $496 after the whole month.

39. Learn a language

Learning a foreign language can take a long time, and for many, they give up, but it’s essential for us because it makes us smarter. The best thing about it is if you know more than one language it will benefit you when looking for a job. Knowing multiple languages in areas where there is more than one language spoke is very important.

40. No gossiping

Gossip is so much fun. I should know, I’m guilty of doing it. It bonds you with others, but the problem is that it can give you a bad reputation or you can even say the wrong thing to the wrong person and all of a sudden you can find yourself from #1 in the workplace to on your way out.


41. No devices at the dinner table

Because it’s time to connect with family not followers, connections or fans.

42. No cursing

Because, oh f*ck. I just said the f*cking. F- Word. Sh*t.

43. No social media/ mobile device

I’m a social media junkie, and because of that, I am always on my phone. I am constantly checking all the social media platforms seeing what everyone is posting and not that I care but more of that I enjoy the motion of swiping on my phone.

Sadly though because of this, I am neglecting my family that is right in front of me and am losing out on so much time because I care more about the Buzzfeed quiz of what Disney song am I.

44. No TV

There is so much great television out there and I’m a big fan of so many shows. Instead of that, take that time and play a board game with your family. Maybe Monopoly

45. Spend time in nature or at least outdoors

Commit to spending a set amount of time outdoors each day. Go outside with your family and do something. Being stuck inside can really affect your mood and its not good.

46. Read at least 30 pages a day

After 30 days, you’ll have read 900 pages, which means you will be able to read one of George R. R. Martin’s novels from the series A Song of Ice and Fire each month.

Since these books are so large it won’t seem like such an overwhelming challenge to just do 30 pages a day. That will seem like a tiny chunk. Who knows you may end up reading more.

47. Read a poem every day

Poems are fun and reading them with your kids can be entertaining.

48. Memorize a deck of cards

For those who like “magic it can be great to mess with your friends. Though it is also a great brain exercise.

49. Make/build Something Together.

Find a project and just start building. The time spent together will never be forgotten. I personally built a bookshelf with my dad years ago and I still have the bookshelf because it reminds me of that day.

50. Draw Something Together

Take 10-20 minutes a day and sit and either draw with crayons (cleaner) or paint with your kid. Time you will enjoy forever!

51. Cook Something Together

Let your child pick their favorite meal and let them help prepare it! Also, let them help shop for what is needed and prep it as well. Then when it is a success celebrate it!

52. Have A Movie Marathon

Find a series you’d like to watch with your family, like Marvel or Star Wars and watch one every single day!

53. Play Tag

Now you don’t need to make the game as extreme as TAG the movie, but go outside and play tag with your kids.

54. Take a 1 Day Road Trip

Now for this only go far enough where you can go and enjoy the day and get back in a day but make it worthwhile!

55. Breakfast in bed with a movie!

I find this one is good to do with #51 otherwise if you are wanting to be surprised with breakfast in bed then be surprised with what you might be eating as well. Keep the movie G/PG unless you feel a bigger rating is ok.

56. Turn Weekly Grocery Shopping into a Scavenger Hunt

Let your child go “hunting” for the groceries!

57. Cook Something Together

Play charades

58. Go on a hike

There are so many amazing places to enjoy the outdoors. This is also a great time to have quality time with your family.

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59. Build a fort

If you don’t want to go outside then I guess you can stay inside but have fun doing it by building a pillow or blanket fort!

60. Water Fight

Now if it is winter hold off on doing this until the summer or at least warmer weather. Go outside and either with a hose or water balloons and challenge the kids to a water fight and have fun with the them!

Amazing challenges for your health, which I find enjoyable, then there will be financial ones that everyone can use, and there will be ones for the family.

There is my list of my favorite challenges of things to do to improve your life. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did share it and show some love. If you can think of any other things that might be good that may not have been mentioned on the list feel free to comment below.

24 thoughts on “My Favorite Challenges For Improving Your Life!”

  1. Great post, loved the list! There are so many points here that I personally want to start implementing in my daily life too but I can’t seem to find the time. Looks like I have to start challenging myself soon, though!

  2. Wow there are a lot of great tips here, I already do several of these but there are several more I could start doing!

  3. These are so awesome! As a new mom, I’m really lacking on my self care but adding even a few of these easy ones like drinking more water can really make a big difference.

  4. Great post. A list like this can be a little bit intimidating, but it is nice to have everything you need to focus on on one page!

  5. I m already taking at least 30 of these challenges everyday. And with them life is so interesting which could otherwise be boring. It’s one of a newer kind of post. Awesome ☺

  6. I recently read a study that said that your just dehydrated in the morning and not hungry so need to eat breakfast…so confusing? What are your thoughts?

  7. I like 30 day challenges as well. Often once I reach the 30 days that provides me with enough motivation to continue the good habit.

    1. These are some great tips and I want to do them all.. in fact they are in my New Years resolutions.. just not the burpees

  8. All great tips! Some are so hard and I can’t do them all but I’m working on the 8 hours of sleep, getting a standing desk and cooking with more variety! If I slowly incorporate more positive changes, over time it’ll make a huge difference! Spring/summer is a great time to start cuz it’s so motivating!

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