June Blog Income & Growth Report 2019

Blog Income Growth

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Welcome to my first blog income and growth report! I wish that I had done these from the start of my blog but I didn’t. This is the end of my third month and I hope writing these somebody gains something from them. Though I am also going to do them for myself so I can have something to look back on and see where I need to focus my attention.

Since my wife has been blogging for a very long time I got the idea to do this from her. You can check out her blog at A Fresh Start On A Budget. If you have read most of my posts you probably realize she guest posts on here frequently as well. My favorite post she has put on my site so far has been this: 10 Steps To Find Blog Post Ideas and Write Them

So I can hopefully help myself and anyone that reads this I am going to put it all out there. By that I mean every success and failure I have I will let you know!

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So when it comes to posts I don’t want to write just 1,000 posts that are short just to keep things fresh on the page. My goal is quality over quantity. You will notice I post 1-2 new posts a week and that is it. This last month I spent some time revisiting my older posts trying to clean them up. I want to make sure the majority of what I write I can appreciate it being on my site.


I have been happy with the direction my traffic has been going. A big part of that is the fact that I promote my site on Bloggers Traffic Community. Without that group, I don’t think I would be seeing the group that I have.

I use Google Analytics to track my site stats and this month I am very pleased. So I have a long term goal of getting to 25,000 sessions. I have this goal because that’s what Mediavine wants for you to join them. June I ended with 3,613 sessions which was a growth 1,457 from the month before. I don’t pay much attention to pageviews but I was at 7.3k up 3.1k from the month before all numbers that I am very happy with.

The bounce rate stayed below 60% which is good. Although since I am using the Blogger Traffic Community I feel they know the importance of this and helped to keep it where it is at.

Social Media:

So my main focus for social media has been Pinterest. I have had the most success there so I push it hard.


I have 2,200+ followers on Pinterest and growing. I have a group board which I pour most of my love into Bloggers Helping Bloggers. When I wrote this the photo below is a snapshot of my Pinterest stats.


I now have 27 followers on my The Million Dollar Dad Facebook page. This page I try to post to any time I make a new post.


This is where I have been struggling and I need to try and focus my efforts. I only have 2 subscribers and haven’t been able to grow this number. I need to add a freebie of some sort to maybe help but still trying to figure out on what it will be.


I don’t put much focus here other that I share a lot of my posts here. I currently have 1,256 followers on Twitter. A good amount but I haven’t been able to get that to grow.


So I try posting here daily but I don’t always get a chance to. When I get a new post done I post it to let my followers know. I have struggled on this platform to find any growth in followers as well because I don’t think I am posting things that people want to see. I mainly put motivational quotes and it seems that I will gain 10 followers and then lose 9-10. I am currently at 762 followers on Instagram.


So I have grown this for a very long time and now have 6,574 connections on LinkedIn. I use this similar to Facebook and Instagram and post mainly when I have a new post.


So I definately am not a blogger who has gotten rich quick. I know that you will see some that have make a lot of money fast. Most of the time that is just luck and luck doesnt last. I firmly believe that to have an amazing blog you need to build a great foundation and that takes time.

In June I did make $38.32 in ads, that was a growth from $8.21 from the month before. So that is a huge success in my book. Especially considering that the month before that I made $0 in ads.

I made one affiliate sale of $25 so that was exciting because that was a growth from last month of $0. Yet I still haven’t figured out how to get many affiliate sales. I am not too worried because that is not my main focus right now. I want to get my blog big enough to move ad companies.

Goals For This Month:

Achieve 5000 total sessions on my blog.

Reach 200,000 unique monthly views on Pinterest.

Gain a total of 10 followers on Facebook page

Grow Email subscribers to 10 total subscribers.

Get to 3000 total followers on Pinterest

Get to 800 followers on Instagram

My main focus is going to be pinterest and email. I feel if I can really grow those two that I can really be successful!

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Blog Income Growth Report

That was my June blog income and growth report. I hope you enjoyed it I will try and post another one next month around this same time!

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