July Blog Traffic and Income Report 2019

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I’m back with my second income and traffic report! So this is the end of my fourth month and I hope writing these somebody gains something from them. It is crazy what a difference a month makes. Last month I was amazed at how fast I had grown and then…

My traffic took a big hit. I had to reevaluate how I was going to approach things for the month to come and where I was going to focus my attention going forward. So if you feel stuck in a rut like I did in July definitely check out: 5 Things That Could Be Holding You Back In Blogging

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So when it comes to posts it stays the same as last month I want to continue and try to write longer valuable posts. I don’t want to write just 1,000 posts that are short just to keep things fresh on the page. My goal is quality over quantity. You will notice I post 1-2 new posts a week and that is it. This last month I spent some time revisiting my older posts trying to clean them up. I want to make sure the majority of what I write I can appreciate it being on my site.


Traffic took a huge hit this month.  The month started off great and I was keeping traffic above the previous month. Then my family left for vacation and that’s when it tanked.  I couldn’t blog like I wanted to because I was at home by myself and I picked up extra shifts at work to make some extra money. I also decided to no longer use any Facebook groups or even the Bloggers Traffic Community that I mentioned in the previous traffic/income report. Instead, though I started to pour all my attention into Tailwind and their tribes and I love it!

If you are in the right tribes you can potentially have a blogger with a great following share your pin and lots of people can see it. I am starting to see results from it and its amazing. If you don’t have Tailwind yet go check it out! CLICK HERE

Also like I said the tribes are amazing and if you find a great one you are in business and that is why I created one so I could make sure that it could work well for everyone. That is why if you haven’t yet I want you to join my LIFESTYLE REPINNED tribe today!

If you didn’t know I use Google Analytics to track my site stats and this month stats are down. So I have a long term goal of getting to 25,000 sessions. I have this goal because that’s what Mediavine wants for you to join them. July I ended with 2,257 sessions which was down 39% from the month before. I don’t pay much attention to pageviews but I was down almost 36% from the month before but that is because I am pushing quality over quantity. I feel that if I just promote my page in every single group thread and have them click my page its just vanity numbers its not actually going to grow my page.

Social Media:

So my main focus for social media again this month was Pinterest. I have had the most success there so I push it hard.


I have 2,400+ followers on Pinterest and growing. I now have two group board which I pour my love into Bloggers Helping Bloggers and Lifestyle Repinned.


I now have 29 followers on my The Million Dollar Dad Facebook page. This page I try to post to any time I make a new post. I would love all new readers to follow my facebook page. You can do that by clicking the link above.


This is where I have been struggling and I need to try and focus my efforts. I don’t currently know how many email subscribers I have because I had some issues with the program I was using and had to change it so I haven’t been able to grow this number. I need to add a freebie of some sort to maybe help but still trying to figure out on what it will be.


I don’t put much focus here other that I share a lot of my posts here. I currently have 1,263 followers on Twitter. It has grown a little from last month.


So I try posting here daily but I don’t always get a chance to. When I get a new post done I post it to let my followers know. I have struggled on this platform to find any growth in followers as well because I don’t think I am posting things that people want to see. I mainly put motivational quotes and it seems that I will gain 10 followers and then lose 9-10. So I am currently at 760 followers on Instagram. So I actually have lost followers this month..


So I have grown this for a very long time and now have 6,594 connections on LinkedIn. I use this similar to Facebook and Instagram and post mainly when I have a new post. I don’t use this much but I am up 20 connections from last month.


So I definately am not a blogger who has gotten rich quick. I know that you will see some that have make a lot of money fast. Most of the time that is just luck and luck doesnt last. I firmly believe that to have an amazing blog you need to build a great foundation and that takes time.

In July I did make $20.72 in ads, down from $38.32 from the month before. Considering half the month if not more my ads weren’t even working I will consider that a success.

This month I didn’t have any affiliate sales. This mainly has to due to the fact that I turned my attention to my day job and was working lots of overtime there this month.

Goals For July:

Achieve 5000 total sessions on my blog. (UNSUCCESFUL)

Reach 200,000 unique monthly views on Pinterest. (UNSUCCESFUL)

Gain a total of 10 followers on Facebook page (UNSUCCESFUL)

Grow Email subscribers to 10 total subscribers. (UNSUCCESFUL)

Get to 3000 total followers on Pinterest (UNSUCCESFUL) Based on how many new followers I get a day I set this goal too high… oops!

Get to 800 followers on Instagram (UNSUCCESFUL) I really want to get out of the 700s!!!

Goals For August:

Achieve 5000 total sessions on my blog.

Reach 200,000 unique monthly views on Pinterest.

Gain a total of 10 followers on Facebook page

Grow Email subscribers to 10 total subscribers.

Get to 2750 total followers on Pinterest

Get to 800 followers on Instagram

My main focus is going to be Pinterest and email. I feel if I can really grow those two that I can really be successful!

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july blog traffic and income report

That was my July blog income and traffic report. I hope you enjoyed it I will try and post another one next month around this same time!

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