How To Handle Change

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So at my “day” job I have been trying to get a transfer for a while. Finally, I got it which means change is coming for me. I am excited because that offers a lot of new learning experiences for me but at the same time, it means change.

I will have a completely new team that I will be working with and all of them have different personalities than the people I have been working with. This isn’t the first time that I have had to deal with change. I moved from California to Colorado back in 2017 and that was a big change for me. Leaving everything I knew and had come accustom to for over 30 years to start a new journey in a new place.

I know many people who “talked” about making changes but that’s all they did was talk about it. They were too comfortable where they were to ever make that leap to where they wanted to go.

Funny enough I think change is the only thing that you know is going to happen. I mean think about it, once you graduate high school you are forced to make a change. When you go to college change again…and depending on what job or career you take that will definitely make it so you have to change somehow. So since change is inevitable it’s not so much of when you will change but how you will handle it. Since most people get anxious with change its good to analyze the situation and see why they are feeling that way.

For example before I moved from California to Colorado I asked myself a few quesitons:

  1. What is causing me to feel this way?
  2. What emotions am I feeling?
  3. Can I do to anything to calm myself from these emotions?
  4. What’s the worst thing that could happen from this situation I am going through?
  5. Can I handle (said worst thing)?
  6. What do I need to do to make sure that I will be ready?
  7. Is there some sort of support group for people going through similar situations?
  8. Is there anyone that I can talk to about how I am feeling?

If you try to make a big change and don’t address your concerns it may make things even worse. Well in the case of a move, you might back out and decide not to.

When we decided to move we wanted to make sure it was before our daughter was in middle school. Change is hard enough and as we have learned with her currently in middle school. Kids that age are a lot more dramatic. So we wanted to make sure if we made the move it was 6th grade so that whatever friends she had in 6th she would have for a while.

I will use the move I made a lot because this is probably the biggest change someone could make. When I originally moved I didn’t get the transfer that I was promised. That was hard because I was without a job for almost a month. Then I bounced around jobs for the first year that I lived out in Colorado. Had I known that was going to happen before I moved then there would probably been a good chance that I wouldn’t have moved.

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Now I didn’t decide to not go just because of a what if. If I went down that path and started asking what if’s then I would get nowhere in life. I might as well still be living with my parents because I would afraid to do anything.

Granted there are some things that have happened here that I wouldn’t mind living without but I have grown because of them and I am thankful they happened. I have met some amazing people who have taught me so much, yet if I had listed to the unsureness of what if we don’t succeed out there, well then those people I would have never met.

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I am glad my family decided to make the change. Outside of the first year, it has been amazing out here. It’s a nice feeling not to be drowning in bills. So looking back on 2017 me I am glad we did it. Now going forward with my job I have had the luxury of already getting to work with a lot of people there so that has eased my anxiety about the switch.

I am sad to be leaving a lot of the people that I currently work with because they are nothing but amazing. Though the only way to grow is to move forward, so this change will help me do just that.

How to handle change

If you can think of any other ways to handle change I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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