Essentials For Your Childs School Backpack

Essentials for your Childs School Backpack

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So it’s back to school time and guess what that means? It is time to get your kids back in the routine of taking what they need to school. There is one problem with that. Kids forget. That is why I have put together this list of backpack essentials that every student should have in their backpack (other than the required school supplies of course.

1. Deodorant

How many times has your kid come home from school and stunk? Then when you ask did you put deodorant on you get this look

That is why this is a necessity for the essential list. If they forget to put it on in the morning it is there for them to put on when they remember.

2. Hair Ties

My daughter has gone out the door without putting her hair up countless times and she doesn’t have short hair. She has to do something with her hair it is at the length now where she can almost get it cut to donate it. Especially with how windy it gets around here. So hair ties are a definite must-have in the essentials.

3. Phone/Device Charger

For those who have their kids walk to school, this is a MUST. You want to make sure they are able to keep their phone charged so they have enough battery for the walk home. Then I put the device charger on there because my daughter’s school has it where they bring a laptop to school. They are required to do work on it and if it’s not charged that makes it difficult.

4. Water Bottle

My daughter loves drinking water (thankfully). So she likes to brink a big water bottle to school each day. Having a water bottle is nice because it eliminates them having to go out of class to get water when they are thirsty.

5. Chapstick

So with where we live this is a good one to have, also one my wife would live by. Since it is fairly dry here that can damage the skin and having damaged lips is extremely painful. Nice way to prevent that is to use chapstick whenever possible.

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6. Brush or Comb

Now the area in Colorado that we live can get very windy which can mess up your hair. That is why I mentioned hair ties earlier, its also good to have a comb or a brush to tame the craziness from time to time throughout the day.

7. Bandaids

Have you ever tripped and cut yourself yet no aid was in sight? Well if you have kiddos that walk to school this is a good thing to make sure they have in their backpacks. You wouldn’t want them to take a spill on the way to school and just have to deal with it until they were able to see the nurse at school. This way they can just fix the problem themselves as soon as it happens.

8. Emergency Money

It’s good to send your child to school with a little bit of money for a rainy day. If they are on the school’s meal plan you don’t really have to worry about this. Yet if you send them to school with food every day then this is a good thing to do, because there will be that one day you forget to pack them lunch. This way with that emergency money you know your child will still get food that day.

9. Snacks

Speaking of getting food that day make sure you put snacks in that essentials kit. You know as well as I do your child will eat everything at school and still come home saying they are hungry. This snack makes them a little less hungry when they get home.

10. Pad (For Tweens/Teens)

For those who have kids who have started their periods, I will keep this simple. Make sure they have something for that in the essentials kit. There is nothing more embarrassing that that happening at school and not having anything to take care of it.

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Essentials For Your Childs Backpack

I hope you enjoyed the list. If you can think of anything else that would be great as an essential for your kids I would love to hear those in the comments below!

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