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I feel like being in retail my whole life and never getting into upper management, money always seems to be tight. Once my wife and I started getting a lot more responsible with our money there were times where we had to stretch $20 to last us a week.

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In the past, most jobs that I had I did not enjoy. It was because of this feeling that made me want to spend my money. Let’s be honest the “treat yourself” mentality while it may be fun and temporarily makes you feel better. In the long run, putting you into a place where you have no money will just end up making you feel miserable and that is no fun at all.

Don’t worry you are not alone…

I have gone through this, probably more times than I should have before I really put the effort into stopping so I know how hard it can be to change your spending habits when they make you feel so good!

Good job for getting this far… now lets get to that list!

1. Clothes

Now there are two levels you can take when it comes to clothes. If you are someone who is currently buying name brand well then stop!

I have learned over the years that with Brand Name… that’s what you are paying for, the name. So find a different place to shop for your clothes, my wife and I are fans of Target but Kohls is another great place to get great clothes and not spend a ton on them.

Now you are probably wondering what the other level is right?

The other level when it comes to clothes is to not buy them at all! Now I am not saying go around naked. If you notice humans are creatures of habit. We have our favorites and usually stick to that. Currently, I have a closet filled with a ton of clothes that I use to wear for previous jobs but outside of that I never wore those. I typically wear the same style of pants every day and a different T-shirt.

I try not to buy clothes until I need them and that means that I will wear my T-shirts until they wear-out and need to be thrown away. With the price of clothes, I can’t even imagine what I have saved by not buying clothes just to buy them.

2. Generic Name aka Store Brand

This one is hard for my wife to completely jump on board with. To be 100% honest I don’t blame her, store brand Dr. Pepper is just not the same. We use to always buy the brand name didn’t matter what we were getting. Then after looking at the prices, I thought why not try the store brand. For example, with Tylenol you are getting about 500 pills of the 500mg one for about $40 or you can go generic from Amazon for under $8.

Now imagine if you bought one bottle of that a month but chose generic over name brand. You would end up saving $384 a year!!

I always hear pharmacists, when they can, recommending the generic drugs to customers. I wanted to see why they were doing this and it seems that the generic drugs typically have the same strength, dosage, quality as name brand and since it doesn’t have that name attached to it you aren’t paying for that. (Always ask a pharmacist though when it comes to drugs what you should take)

3. Buying Coffee

My wife is going to hate me for this one. She LOVES her coffee but when you get them from a coffee shop its roughly $6 each time. Thankfully she doesn’t get them everyday, but I know there are a lot of people out there who make their morning run to the coffee shop before work.

If my wife did get a coffee every day that adds up quite a bit. You are looking at roughly $2,184 over the year just spent on coffee!

Now let’s be honest I couldn’t ask my wife to just completely stop drinking coffee that isn’t fair to her since she enjoys it so much. She always wanted a Keurig so I figured that would be the best alternative to going out and getting coffee!

She has used it quite a bit but I think it is time to take it to the next level because she still tries to get me to go with her to get coffee. That is when I came across this Keurig.

This machine is amazing because not only does it make coffee but it also makes cappuccinos and lattes, it even froths the milk!

All that is needed is the pods to put in the coffee machine and what is awesome is you can get 40 K Cup pods for just $19.99 which means that with this each cup of coffee ends up only being about .50 cents!

Also, if you are someone who has to have that coffee for work every day then you can get a 20 oz travel mug for basically the cost of 1 coffee and then use it every day! (well as long as you clean it!)


4. Dryer Balls Instead Of Sheets

This one was an amazing find. Especially if you have kids because you are constantly doing the laundry. Don’t buy the dryer sheets they are expensive and you can’t reuse them so the cost adds up. Instead, get the reusable wool dryer balls, they save you money as well as energy. Wait, I bet you are wondering how they save you energy. Well with the dryer balls it makes it so your clothes dry faster which means you don’t have to run the dryer as long essentially saving you energy!

I bet you are wondering how they work. Well, when you throw them in the dryer they help lift and separate your clothes which allows the air to flow better. For those of you who like dryer sheets for the smell did you know there is a way to get that with the dryer balls? Get your favorite scent via an essential oil and just put a few drops onto the dryer ball, then when you run your laundry you will get that smell!

5. Bottled Water!

By now you should know that the plastic bottles are such a waste and essentially bad for the environment because for the most part, they are not disposed of correctly. If that doesn’t get you then how about the fact that you have water coming out of your sink right now so why pay more for someone to bottle some for you??

Now tap water doesn’t bother me but my wife isn’t a huge fan. It took some convincing but we finally came up with a solution.  We decided to go with this Britta water pitcher with a filter because it reduces chlorine (taste and odor), copper, mercury, zinc and cadmium impurities found in tap water for cleaner great tasting water. Each filter does the equivalent of 300 water bottles and the Britta Replacement Filter only costs about $4 per filter.

Oh and to avoid having to buy water when you are at work or traveling you can always go with their water bottle.  The beauty of the water bottle is the filter on this also can handle the equivilant of 300 water bottles. So there really is no reason to buy water anymore.

Bonus: Gym Membership

I used to have a Gym Membership. I’m sure at some point most of us have had one or currently have one. This is a great place to save money because it can range from $17 to $60, that is $204 to $720 a year you can save!

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Well that’s the list of what not to spend your money on. Let me know in the comments below if you can think of any other things.


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