31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

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So todays edition of the blog challenge are piercing and tattoos. Well I have never gotten a piercing in my entire life. I have on the other hand gotten a few tattoos.

The first tattoo I got after my daughter was born. It is her first name with her birth feet and birth date.

The only other tattoo I have I don’t currently have a photo of so I pulled the photo from the internet that I got the idea from. This is exactly what I have tattooed on me.

I had this put on my left leg because I am a very big Star Wars fan. Originally I was only going to have tattoos of kids that I had but after my wife had her stroke that changed. I have plans for more tattoos in the future. I really want to get one on my forearm but I haven’t decided exactly what I want yet so I haven’t done it.

That was day 9 of the 31 day challenge. Don’t forget to pin it!

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