31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7

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10 Favorite Foods

So today you get to learn about my ten favorite foods!

1. Pizza

Now I wont put something like this with all of my favorite food. I had to with pizza though. Pizza is life! I would get this shirt and wear it. I have said it in other posts like my Father’s Day Gift Idea post, I love funny shirts!

2. Chicken Parmesan

The combination of chicken, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese is amazing. It’s also a bonus that it one of my wife’s favorites as well!

3. French Dip Sandwich

I love the French roll and when you can dip it in the Au jus sauce that just makes it taste 10x better. Also the fact that it is very similar to a grill cheese sandwich which is my next favorite.

4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Now I like this with or without meat. As I have started to say recently “Dealers Choice”. I like to put lots of different cheeses, my daughter and I actually got creative once and put 5 different cheeses into one. It turned out pretty good.

5. Chicken Nuggets

Quick and easy…this usually takes 15 minutes and they always taste good. Then I sometimes get creative and put them in a tortilla with cheese just for fun.

6. Bacon!

Just for those bacon fanatics, I didn’t forget about it, also this isn’t a top 10 list because if it was bacon would be higher. I mean come on its bacon and it can go on pretty much everything!

7. Movie Theater Popcorn

I had to be specific there because I am not a fan of the stuff you make in the microwave. It has to be the stuff you get at the movie theater and add the life killing butter to.

8. Waffles

They have been a staple breakfast food since I was a kid. I love them with butter and syrup. On occasion I will get them from a restaurant with whip cream and strawberries!

9. Cheesecake

Make me any kind and I will eat it I LOVE it! (well most kinds there are a few kinds I don’t like but that’s besides the point)

10. Candy + Chocolate

The candy aisle is my best friend. Not the best that I work at a store that has that because every day I get something. I am always trying new candies and finding out what ones I like and dislike. There are some crazy combinations they have come up with lately.

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So that’s my list of my 10 favorite foods. If you have a crazy candy or food that you like I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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