31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

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Today you get to find out why this page is called The Million Dollar Dad!

So my wife started a blog almost seven years ago. I don’t remember when she said this but I remember she mentioned to me how she wished she had named her blog something else because she felt trapped in what she could write about.

I knew I didn’t want to write about just one thing so I wanted to find a name that would work with more than one niche. So I decided I was going to (more or less) be a lifestyle blogger. I say it like that because like I said I wanted to find a name that would work with more than one niche if in the future my audience ever wanted more of one thing rather than another.

So, to the name…

This is how I came to decide to call this page The Million Dollar Dad:

As you know I am a dad (there is that dad part)

As for The Million Dollar:

I aspire to live a life where I WILL become a millionaire.

So there you have it, The meaning behind: The Million Dollar Dad!

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