31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 12

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What am I afraid of?
Well for this one I have to thank my parents for this. Prior to seeing this film I use to love going in the ocean, lakes nothing really bothered me. Then my parents thought it would be a great idea to show me JAWS when I was just a little kid. I don’t exactly remember what age I was but I do remember I was young.

Now had I know that the shark in the movie was just a mechanical prop like below then it probably wouldn’t have affected me as much.

I however thought it was a real shark which is probably why it gives me anxiety even writing about this today.

This film made it so it was difficult for me to go into the ocean. I was afraid that what happened in the film could happen to me. Even now in my late 30s I don’t like going too far out in the ocean. It helps that now I live in Colorado and there are no oceans. Sadly because of this film I don’t even like to go into lakes. Any body of water that I can not see what is swimming around I can not go in.

With a daughter who is now almost a teenager I have tried to not make the same mistake with her. I kind of did with the Jurassic Park franchise and showed it to her too young. Scared her soo bad, luckily dinosaurs don’t exist anymore so that won’t traumatize her. She has not seen this movie yet, although I do want her to see it because it is a very good film. Oddly I really want to see The MEG with her but I am super afraid that is just going to give me a ton of anxiety.

It’s such a weird feeling because I love sharks, back in California when we went to Sea World that is one exhibit I loved to go to. Unfortunately because of being traumatized by that film when I was a kid getting up close with them gives me anxiety and so does going into the water.

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