31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11

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Favorite Book

When I was kid I use to read all the time. My parents would buy me a book and I could finish it in a day. I used to enjoy reading a lot. My favorite books when I was a kid was all the ones written by R.L. Stine. You could hand me one of those books and I could finish it in mere hours that is how much I enjoyed those. As I grew up though I needed to find a new author to enjoy.

That is when I was introduced to Michael Crichton. I have read almost every single one of his books and I have to say I enjoy most of them. Some more than others and being able to seem them adapted into TV shows and movies has been fun. It was somewhat hard to choose a favorite though because he wrote so many good books.

That is why after everything I finally chose Jurassic Park. My love of dinosaurs helped me decide this one. I felt that the book did well in portraying them. Plus when I read it I had really wished that a park like this truly existed. Out of all of the books he wrote it was by far my favorite, and why I chose it as my favorite.

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