How To Overcome Anxiety

How To Overcome Anxiety

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The last few months have been some of the most stressful months of my life. That was when I decided I needed to figure out how to overcome anxiety. Now this wasn’t the most stressful time I have dealt with. That was back when we lived in California. Yet it got to a point where the bills became overwhelming. I didn’t know what I was going to do and the stress was “killing” me.

Everything was causing me to have anxiety attacks and it was not fun. I couldn’t do anything without going through one. I couldn’t let anxiety control my life. That is why I needed to figure out what could be done to overcome anxiety. So I am bringing to you a list of things to help overcome and stop anxiety.

1. Find a Hobby

For me, I have two hobbies that make me feel good. First, there is playing video games, I have certain games that I use as a stress relief. Some are very violent games where I use them to take out my anger and calm me down. While others are more comical because I just need a break from real life and something fun to do. The other hobby is collecting Funko Pops. This is a more expensive hobby, and also not recommended if you don’t have room for a big collection.

The cool thing is with my collection is the fun of trying to get a complete collection. Now if you are unable to get them right when they come out though that’s where it can get expensive because of the fact that some gain value. My collection ranges from some that are $5 to one that is valued at over $100 now. The point is though finding something to do that is fun can distract you from the fact that you are having anxiety.

2. Get Outside (Who Cares What The Weather Is)

So summer around here is hit and miss. Today it could look like it is going to be an amazing day and then later it is cloudy, with rain, thunder, and lightning. Now I am not suggesting you go for a walk in a thunderstorm that would be a bit off the wall. Yet if it is cloudy or even a little bit rainy that shouldn’t be enough to stop you from going outside.

Sometimes what we have going on inside can be the trigger of our anxiety so just the act of being outside can help calm us down. Even if that means you have to get your rain coat on. Or if you are reading this in the winter get bundled up in some warm clothes to go outside.

Now when I am saying go outside I am not meaning make serious plans and be out for the whole day. All I mean is simply that GO OUTSIDE. Get out of your house, go for a walk or just sit on your porch and breath some fresh air.

3. Read A Book

This is by far the most relaxing thing I can think of doing. Probably too relaxing for me. I don’t get around to reading much and I stick to audio books because when I try to read I fall asleep. Don’t ask me why because it just happens, ever since I was a kid. The best thing about finding a book that you can’t put down though is you immerse yourself in the book and complete forget about what is going on in your own life.

4. Talk It Out

So you don’t want to bottle up feelings like this because that can only end badly. Imagine a balloon. If you were to keep blowing it up with “hot air” eventually it wouldn’t be able to take it anymore and it would “snap”. Well in this example it would explode. The point is with the balloon you need to let out some air every once in a while so that doesn’t happen. So for you, you will have to talk it out and every once in a while so the same thing doesn’t happen to you that happened to the balloon.

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5. Breathe

Slow your roll and control your breathing. Many people when having anxiety attacks “forget” to breath which just causes more anxiety. Slow down and take deep breaths. Make sure you are filling your lungs completely before exhaling. Also make sure you are breathing slow because doing so will calm you down and help you overcome anxiety.

6. Go For A Walk

To overcome anxiety attacks you need to release energy and what better way to do that then going for a walk. Doing this is good for your health anyway so scheduling a daily walk should be part of your routine already. Now when you are trying to overcome anxiety don’t just go for your normal walk. This time I want you to keep walking until you can feel yourself start to calm down. Once you feel that then you can finish up your walk and return to your regularly scheduled day.

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I used to love (still do) drinking soda or energy drinks daily so this was really hard for me. Considering that I have had over 300 mg of caffeine some days you could say I am addicted. Which makes giving it up that much harder. I have tried many different ways to eliminate caffeine because when I go a while without it I do feel better. The problem is it’s very addictive (at least for me) and I always seem to slide back and have it in one form or another.

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Long story short, I have not been able to completely get rid of caffeine from my life. Instead, I try my best to only drink it as an additive to water. For me, that seems to be the best because I am not getting all the other things that soda/energy drinks add to them. This isn’t the best but it has helped me overcome anxiety.

8. Listen To Music

Now there are many ways you can go about this. You can listen to your favorite music that you feel will calm you down. The other thing you can do is listen to this playlist put together by Amazon’s Music Experts. This playlist was put together and called Stress-Free Life.

Either way whatever music you listen to will help you to calm down and overcome anxiety.

9. Count Backwards From A Large Number

Now when I say a large number I don’t mean 100. You want to go big, pick one that is a couple hundred thousand or even in the millions or higher. The point of this is to refocus your brain from the chaos of anxiety that it is going through.

10. Deal With It

Sometimes there is just nothing you can do and you just have to ride it out. If you try and go through all the details and fix everything you will just spiral and make things worse. What you just have to do is tell yourself this s**t will pass, and everyone has bad days.

Bonus: See A Therapist

Now I know I put talk it out earlier on this list but the thing is who do you normally talk it out with? That would be your friends, family and maybe even coworkers. They are great people when you need that quick decompress and talk down from an anxiety attack. The problem is they know you so they have formed a biased opinion on what you talk to them about.

By speaking to a therapist, you get to speak to someone like they are someone you know but the beauty is they don’t! They don’t know you outside of the room you talk to them in so they don’t have a friendship with you. Also since they don’t know your history outside what you tell them then they can use their education to tell you how to deal with what you are going through.

How To Overcome Anxiety

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