Ultimate Cleaning Schedule

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For this to be called the ULTIMATE Cleaning Schedule then everything needs to be included. I did my best to do just that. Every room of the house, and every week of the month. I will start off with what needs to be done daily for every room, followed by weekly and then finish off with monthly.

If only this were possible… but it’s not so here is the cleaning schedule:



First you want to start in the bedroom since that is where you start your day.

Bedrooms: Make the bed and pick up any clutter in the room

After you finish with the bedroom, or (if you already have a load ready)…

Start a load of laundry and try and use the cycle as a time for when you are working on the bathrooms.

Bathrooms: Clean Mirrors, toilet seats, the bowls, wipe the tub, and wipe down the shower. Once the laundry stops then stop cleaning the bathrooms for the day. Eventually, you will get it where you can get it done quicker but until then don’t do it longer than a load. Now…

Switch the laundry

Kitchen: Dishes, Wipe down the counter, wipe down the sink, sweep and then empty the trash. Again only do it until a load of laundry is done, using that as a timer.

Switch Laundry (If Needed)


Weekly tasks I usually do on one of my days off because it’s easy to keep track since I have a set schedule. Though if you don’t you will have to decide what day of the week you are going to do which tasks.

Bedrooms: Wash Sheets, Dust, Vacuum

Bathrooms: Deep Clean Toilets, Sinks, Tubs, clean the faucet, door handles, dust, deep clean the floor and empty trash

Kitchen: Check the fridge for expired food (yuck!) Wipe down all surfaces (counters and appliances) deep clean floor. I use Swiffer Wet Jet for the floor.

Dining Room/Family Room/Living Room:

I’ve grouped all these together because for monthly its all the same. Dust and vacuum.

Office Area: Organize the mail, File any loose papers, Dust, Vacuum


For the monthly tasks. I feel like you can choose to do them at the beginning or the end of the month but those are the best times to do them.

Bedrooms: Wash Windows, clean Blinds and dust ceiling fans. Swiffer 360 Duster works great for blinds as long as they are not vertical, and great for ceiling fans!

Bathrooms: Wash Windows, clean Blinds and deep clean that shower head. A good thing to use for the shower head is CLR

Kitchen: Wash Windows, clean Blinds, clean appliances inside and out and dust ceiling fans.

Dining Room: Dust ceiling fan. I use the Swiffer 360 Duster because they are amazing for fans!

Living Room/Family Room: Dust ceiling fans, wash windows, wipe electronics, vacuum, and deep clean clean couch. These two rooms are grouped together because I don’t know which one you use as your main living room. For some, it’s the “living” room, while others it’s the “family” room.

Last thing…

Laundry Room: Wash Windows, clean blinds, clean out the washer, clean out the dryer and empty the dryer vent. Also, make sure you are emptying the dryer vent as needed because depending on the size of your dryer that could need to be emptied a lot more than monthly.

If you can think of anything I missed please comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “Ultimate Cleaning Schedule

  1. Good post, except, if I did a load of laundry every day, the loads would have about seven pieces in them – something of a waste of water. Unless you have a very large family, or kids who are sweaty from sports, a couple times a week should be sufficient for this.

    For the weekly chores, I’d add “pay bills”. (I wish I could be more organized and do this weekly, which is why I suggested it.)

    Thanks for sharing – planning on printing this out and posting on the fridge.

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