5 Things You MUST NOT buy from the Dollar Store

5 Things You MUST NOT buy from the Dollar Store

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So we all go to the Dollar Store thinking that we are getting a great deal. I mean why wouldn’t we think that, when everything is less than a dollar! The truth is that there are some items that are just not worth what you are paying, even if they seem like they are. I have put a list together of the 5 most important items that I feel that you must not buy from the Dollar Store.

5. Food Items

When I am talking about food items, I don’t mean everything because the dollar store is a great place to pick up that theater candy before you go on that date with your significant other. What I am talking about here are the daily things you eat. Canned goods are one.

You can get canned goods here, and it’s not horrible. The problem is today; some apps help you save money at grocery stores which will cut the cost of those items as well as the fact that they usually keep canned goods on sale. I almost always see most of the canned goods at my grocery store for under a dollar anyway so why make an extra trip and get them at the dollar store when I am just able to get them when I go grocery shopping?

Then there is meat. Not all dollar stores carry it but the ones that do be careful about buying it. Now Im not saying that because it could be expired, that could happen at any store with bad employees. I am talking about price per quantity. This is how I do most of my shopping when it comes to anything anyway. You might think your are getting a steal because its a chunk of meat for under a dollar. Sorry but you are wrong though pay careful attention to what the price is to how much meat you are actually getting. You may actually be spending $10 if you were to get a pound of it where if you went to a grocery store it could cost you alot less.

4. Medicine

Now this is very similar to meat because you think you might be getting a deal because you are getting that bottle of headache pills for just $1 but nope you are wrong. I have found that the bigger quantities are usually the better buys. I have found getting a 500 quantity bottle of pain reliever pills from a bigger store is a much better buy, yes it will cost more than a dollar $15 but you are getting 500 where as when you buy from the dollar store you typically get 8 pills for $1. That means if you wanted 500 it would cost you over $60!

3. Tools

Now I know what you are thinking. What why do you have tools on this list of don’t buy! I mean a hammer for $1 Who could resist!! Well, I have purchased a hammer from there for $1, and I have also bought one from Lowe’s for over $20. They did not last the same amount of time. Yes, they both did their job, but if we are talking how much use I got out of them for what they cost, then the price of the one from Lowe’s is still going down because it has yet to break. Whereas the one from the Dollar Store lasted about a month and then the handle broke on me.

2. Electronics

I am saying ALL electronics because whether its chargers or headphones you get what you pay for. When it comes to the chargers, they typically will not charge whatever it is you’re trying to, fast enough, because, come on its a $1 charger. Then there are headphones. Sound quality is not going to be good coming out of a $1 headphone; let’s be honest; it just isn’t. The bigger issue I have with both headphones and chargers from a dollar store is the quality of them. I have bought them for my daughter once because I was low on money and she “desperately” needed them. Well, they didn’t last that long because they tore very easily. I have since learned my lesson and spend a lot more money on those two items.

1. Batteries

Yes, this is my #1 DONT BUY from the Dollar Store. I know it can be tempting. I mean who could resist a pack of batteries for just $1. You should! That very inexpensive pack of batteries is going to cost you a lot more if the battery explodes inside of the device which you use it in. I have had that happen to me once. Lucky for me it didn’t do enough damage to ruin the item, but it was a pain to clean them. Imagine what if I was unfortunate and the battery exploded inside the device… Also, most name brands and even some store brand batteries that cost more than $1 are a much better value because the charge itself will last a lot longer! So instead of getting your batteries at the Dollar Store, go to a big box store or even pick them up on Amazon.

There you have it! That is my Top 5 DONT BUY list for the Dollar Store. I know there are a lot more things that you shouldn’t buy from the Dollar Store as well as some you should.

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  1. Great post! You know, I never stopped to think about things not to buy at the dollar store! I had no idea you could buy meat there – crazy! You are spot on for reminding people to consider cost per quantity as opposed to single packaging!

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