15 Blogging Tips To Help You Better Your Blog

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I love blogging and social media. It has become such a big part of my life over the last three years since I started my blog. I never would have imagined that this would have happened but one thing I’ve learned about life is that you never know where life is going to take you and you can’t really plan for what is going to come. I always felt so lost when it came to discovering a passion in life. I could never commit to a major or a job because nothing was ever the right fit until blogging entered my life and I’m so grateful for that.

So here are some simple and easy to apply blogging lessons and tips to help out all you beginning bloggers. There is even some that might help the more advanced bloggers out there. I have to remind myself I have a lot of knowledge now and am not really a beginner anymore.

1. Be Open To Learning

The internet and blogging are always changing and evolving so you will never know it all. If you aren’t open to learning you will fall behind. I’m always reading books and taking courses about blogging and social media and every year there are millions of new things to learn.

You have to be willing to adapt. That’s how I’ve made it in blogging for almost seven years now when so many other bloggers fail. By being willing to learn as much as I can.  There are parts of blogging and social media I know well and many others I don’t know as well. So I need to learn from people who know more than I do. 

2. There Is Nothing Wrong With Making An Income Through Blogging

Some people get into blogging as a hobby and some people start with the hope that they can eventually make money from doing it. The important thing is that you write for your readers and yourself first and to make money last. If you are only trying to make money you won’t come across as genuine. Realize though that making money won’t happen from day one and sometimes it can take a long time to earn the income that you want to. 

3. Sometimes You Will Get Burned Out With Blogging.

I have a few times and sometimes just unplugging for a weekend will leave me feeling refreshed and ready to get back to it. Sometimes a longer break is necessary. It might hurt your blog but you have to take care of you. I’ve only done this once.

When I lost someone close to me I fell into a depression and stopped blogging for a few months till I had grieved and healed a bit. I think it’s better to do that then to put out mediocre posts that you don’t really care about.

One of the best ways to help you better your blog is to make sure that you continue to enjoy it so it’s important to take care of yourself when you feel burned out. 

4. Try New Things

I’ve done a few different weekly series, monthly challenges, etc. Not everything was a success but to grow and build your blog I think you have to take risks and push yourself to try new things. This also includes taking risks with the types of posts you write.

Which may mean being more vulnerable and sharing more deeply personal posts. Or taking a chance and writing a post on a controversial topic, which can either turn out great or make people angry.

5. Images Are Important

I’m not a great photographer but I’m working on it. I also create a lot of images by using stock photos and Canva. People need something to look at and each post needs to contain at least one image. The image I used in this post was created with Canva.

You can find stock photos for free in a lot of places which is a good place to start. On Canva you can use a lot of their images for free or by paying $1 for their more premium photos. My favorite place to buy stock photos from is Ivorymix

I have found Ivorymix to be the best price for the most and highest quality photos. I get over 100 new pictures a month and although I don’t use all of them there are so many great ones that I can use to make graphics for my blog, Pinterest and social media. 

6. Write What’s Important To You

Life is full of interesting things and I like reading about a lot of things but I don’t blog about them all because I try to only blog about what’s important to me and what my passions are. So my blog a Fresh Start on a Budget focuses on home and family. You can’t do it all or write about it all stick to what matters to you.

When you are trying to choose a blog topic or niche try and choose something that you like to talk about or will want to write about a lot. If your blog is successful which hopefully it will be you could be writing about this topic for hundreds, possibly thousands of posts. 

7. Spend Time On Social Media

Growing a blog means getting your work and your posts in front of new readers and one of the best way to do that is by using social media. It’s not always the best because platforms change a lot and algorithms change. So with social media as hard as it may be try to not focus on your numbers but on increasing your engagement and building relationships with your followers. 

8. The Thing With Social Media Though Is You Can’t Give 100% To Them All

There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more! The method that works for me is to study my blog traffic, see what’s bringing me traffic and spend the bulk of my social media time on those platforms.

You should really figure out where your target audience is most likely to be on. Then spend most of your time on the top one maybe two platforms where they would be. My other blog targets moms mostly so I spend most of my time on Pinterest and Instagram. This blog has had some success with Facebook groups since my audience is bloggers. 

9. Start Growing Your Email List As Soon As You Can

As I mentioned above social media is important but can be frustrating because it changes so much and you have little control over it. You may grow your Facebook to 50,000 followers but if you aren’t paying for ads most of those people aren’t seeing your posts and there isn’t anything you can do about that.

You don’t own your followers on any social platform but you do owe your email list. You can grow it and send what you want to your whole list. It’s one of the best ways to connect with your audience. You get to go right into their inbox whenever you want. 

So it’s important to begin building that list. I use and absolutely love Convertkit but when I was first starting I used Mailchimp because it was less expensive. 

10. Keep A Running List Of Blog Post Ideas.

As you think of a new post topic add it to your list. This will come in very helpful when you want to sit down and write. You can just check your list and pick a topic. I keep my list in Evernote which is on my phone. That way even if I’m out I can still get any blog ideas down. 

11. Use An Editorial Calendar.

I started using one this year and although I could use it more even just starting to use it has made a big difference and has kept me more organized which is important to growing my blog.

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12. Blog On A Regular Schedule.

My schedule isn’t set in stone but I try to blog most days. I always do my weekly linkup. You want your readers to know when to expect you to post. So whatever works for you, once a week, 3 times a week or every day. That’s up to you but try to be consistent.

This is something I’m working to get better at again. Writing two blogs and doing the occasionally guest posting is a lot of writing and I want my posts to be quality posts. So I’ve been working on figuring out how much to write and a schedule that works. 

13. Keep Your Blog Design Fairly Clean And Easy On The Eyes.

Lots of clashing colors and fonts are going to turn readers away. You want an easy to read and clean blog. I prefer no more than two fonts and two or three main colors. They say readers make the decision to leave or read your blog in less than 5 seconds so first impressions really matter. So make those seconds count.

Some people will say don’t have ads or popups because some readers don’t like them. I think that it’s fine to have ads on your blog and to use a popup. I will say be strategic in what you put up and that less is more.

I could add more ads to my site but it would probably cost me readers so I’d end up losing money. I also test out my popups from time to time to see how they are performing and get rid of ones that don’t do well. 

14. Learn SEO And Use It.

I’m not great at SEO but since the beginning of this year I have been researching it and using what I learn and it has made a good jump in my blog traffic. Not a huge leap but I’m going to keep learning and my next blog investment is an SEO class I want to take. 

15. Do You

What I mean is figure out what makes your blog and your posts interesting and keep writing those posts. There are a lot of blogs and a lot of bloggers but there is only one you. So figure out what makes you special and unique and incorporate that into your blog and use it to help you stand out from the crowd. Be you and do what makes you uniquely you because I know you are awesome at something or in some special way.

So this is some of what has worked for me and my blog and of course there is so much more. The world of blogging is amazing and there is so much to learn and I hope to keep growing and blogging for years to come.

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So if you liked this post and find it helpful I would love for you to share it and pin it. To share blogging tips with all bloggers out there. Also if there are any tips not mentioned, leave a comment below because I would love to know.

Guest Post written by Karissa Ancell owner of A Fresh Start On A Budget. She has been blogging now for 6+ years.

9 thoughts on “15 Blogging Tips To Help You Better Your Blog”

  1. These are wonderful tips both for beginners and for those who may have been doing it a little longer. I’ve been writing both on my blog and for others with the intention to full monetize and make a passive income from my blog by the end of 2019. I set up a schedule and manage to publish posts at least twice a week, sometimes three if the mood takes me or something is going on. Better still, I just learned how to harness the power of SEO so hopefully, it will begin to pay off shortly.

    So many of the things on this list would have confused and overwhelmed me when I first started blogging, but I’m happy to say I have a lot of it under control now 🙂

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