12 Ways Of Dealing With Anxiety

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I didn’t use to have anxiety about things until my wife had her stroke. If you want you can read the details about the day that happened HERE. After that event I started to realize that I was suffering from anxiety attacks quite frequently. Whatever would trigger it was making it hard to deal with pretty much anything.

I personally don’t medicate for it but I know that some people choose that option to manage it and there is nothing wrong with that. The way I see it personally my anxiety attacks are not bad enough where I need anything other than the list I have created here. If they got worse to the point where these were no longer helping me then I would definitely go see a doctor.

Now to the list…

1. Keep A Journal

You will want to do this because you need to find out what is triggering your anxiety attacks. Eventually you will be able to recognize a pattern as to what is causing them and then you can hopefully avoid those situations.

2. Meditate

Calming your nerves is something you really want to do when you are suffering from anxiety and there is nothing better to do that then meditating. Bringing yourself to a calm center is a necessity and meditating is wonderful for that.

3. Sing

Find that song you love that calms your nerves and just belt it. Like I mention in my post about calming after finding out bad news, singing is a good way to let your emotions out and calm yourself.

4. Do Something Fun

When your nerves are getting the best of you and you can’t calm down, go find something fun to do. Something enjoyable makes you possibly laugh and laughter changes how you feel almost instantly.

5. Talk To Someone

Tell someone how you feel. A lot of times just telling someone how you feel will help because they can empathize with you and help you get through what you are feeling. It also helps because bottling things in is not good because that only makes things worse.

6. What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

So for this think about what is causing your anxiety and what is the worst that can happen in this situation. A lot of times you will be able to find a easy solution, or at the very least be able to work something out.

7. Cut down caffeine intake.

When you are suffering from anxiety cut your caffeine intake. You will want to do this because caffeine just amps up your heart rate and that just makes anxiety worse.

8. Take A Break From Tech

I have personally noticed with myself that when I am using cellphones, computers and even sometimes watching TV, that too much use gets to amp my anxiety. Try taking a break for a day or two and reboot you will thank yourself for it. Trust me try reading a book, you will enjoy how refreshing it is.

9. Exercise

The point of this is to get your heart pumping and get you breathing from the physical excursion. Doing this makes it so that you have to stop thinking about what caused the anxiety and focus on how you are probably exhausted from exercise.

10. Focus On Things That You Can Control

So we know that not everything is in your control. So that is why it is imperative that you focus on something that you can control. That is why today when I am suffering from anxiety from something I had no control over of getting resolved, I am writing this and getting it finished so that I can get it posted to share. I am doing that because I CAN control this. Believe it focusing on this has calmed my nerves from the anxiety I was suffering.

11. Understanding when you start catastrophizing

Learn not to go down that rabbit hole. I have learned from the multiple times of catastrophizing that doing this does not help, it only makes things worse. Your health can suffer if you go down the rabbit hole and depending on if you have any health conditions who knows what that might turn out like. So I strongly suggest that you understand when you are catastrophizing or have a friend that can do it for you so that you don’t go down that rabbit hole. If not…

12. Ask For Help

This summer has not been the best situation for my family. I am fortunate because my daughter is on vacation visiting family. I am having to pick up a second job to get some extra money to catch up on some bills. I also did something that I don’t enjoy doing and that is asking people for help. I hate going to anyone for anything. I don’t know what it is about it but I feel like it makes me feel weak. Though if I had not done it I could not have gotten through my anxiety and also the situation that I was in could have possibly gotten worse.

I was suffering from anxiety attacks quite frequently.  Whatever would trigger it was making it hard to deal with pretty much anything. 12 WAYS TO DEAL

Those are the 12 ways I deal with anxiety, if you know of any others feel free to let me know about then in the comments below! Also don’t forget to share this with your friends!

27 thoughts on “12 Ways Of Dealing With Anxiety”

  1. I love these ideas! I suffer from anxiety as well and when it creeps up it can be so hard to shake! You made some very helpful suggestions cuz I swear singing along to the radio instantly helps! And cutting back on caffeine for sure! Also just stepping outside helps! (I live in a quiet neighbourhood)

  2. Wow, thank you so much for sharing. I struggle with depression and anxiety as well, and I don’t medicate either. I’ve found that keeping a journal really does help, and talking to someone you trust makes me feel so much better. I’m eager to try the other things on your list in hopes that they work just as well.

  3. I can definitely use these tips. I have three stepchildren who were raised by a mother very different than me. They are grown, but do not have the mind-set of adults. They feel entitled to our home and often want financial help, which causes friction. I have frequent anxiety when my stepchildren are around. I will try to distract myself through journaling or thinking of a song next time I start to feel anxious around them.

  4. I suffer from terrible anxiety so I am grateful for this post! These tips are excellent, especially understanding when we start to go off the rails with our thinking. I tend to talk to myself, explaining that I’m catastrophizing and need to reign it in! It really does help πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. When anxiety attacks, usually I resort to writing. It relieves my tension. Talking to someone is a great help too rather than keeping it to myself. It kind of releases the build up inside me and it neutralizes the anxiety.

  6. Hi Blake, Thanks for this helpful post! I love all of your suggestions especially cutting down on technology (which is hard to do). But, sometimes you just need to unplug and authentically engage with life. I get anxious often, so I’m going to keep some of these ideas in mind! Thanks, Melissa

  7. Journaling and talking to friends/asking for help are 2 of my go-to ways to break myself out of an anxiety attack. Thanks for the other ideas, will definitely try them!

  8. Very good recommendations, it is important to recognize on a personal level that is causing my anxiety before taking medication, and find alternative solutions.

  9. I don’t personally have anxiety, but I have friends that have anxiety. As a friend, it’s so important to not force your friends into situations that they are uncomfortable with and to just be there for them when they need you (even just to listen)

  10. I recently started implementing the exercise into my daily routine and it has helped tremendously! My anxiety has gotten the best of me for a few years now, but I am trying to take back control. Thanks for these great tips!

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