10 Things To Tell Yourself When You Are Having A Bad Day

10 Things To Tell Yourself When You Are Having A Bad Day

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We have all had a bad day and wondered what to do to get through it. Well here are 10 things to tell yourself when you are having a bad day, and believe me you will get through it!

1. This Will Pass

Just recently I had a really bad day but I don’t go through them every single day you know why? That is because they are not permanent and get through them. Just like a nasty storm a bad day will pass. Whatever you are facing right now can not haunt you for your whole life it has to pass and that problem will not be bothering you anymore.

2. Meant To Be Will Be

I love the song Meant to Be by Bebe Rexha. I feel that the message in that is true. You can’t stress about the What If’s, you just need to relax because what is meant for you will come. I went years being turned down from positions that I felt that were a perfect fit for me and it annoyed me to the core. Then I realized later if I had taken those positions I may have never moved to Colorado. Don’t stress when it is time you will know because it will be like the right opportunity falls in your lap so to speak.

3. Everything Will Work Out

This took me some time to come to terms with it. I went years not getting what I wanted while watching others get things that didn’t deserve it. Trust the process because you will be happy and you will get what you deserve it just might take longer than what you originally planned. Life is a journey so enjoy the ride and enjoy the view and try not to get upset if you are not where you want to be right now. Life has a purpose and there is a reason for everything. In the end, though it will all work out and you’ll figure out the right things to do and the right path to take.

4. You Will Get There

Believe in yourself because you can achieve what you put your mind to. Don’t quit no matter how many people are pushing you down that path. There are people that feel intimidated by you and will do anything to prevent your success. Just keep telling yourself that you are better than them and don’t let them win. You can not succeed overnight, but if you quit you are putting yourself back at square one.

5. Don’t Compare

Everyone is on a different journey and it is so easy to constantly compare yourself to everyone else. You can’t do that though. Comparing yourself to people on social media, the street, your work, anywhere is pointless. I say this because no matter who they are they are at a different point in their journey. So it may seem like they are doing much better than you when actually they are not. Think of it as a book, you could be in chapter one of yours while someone you are comparing yourself to could be in chapter 17. They aren’t actually better off just further in their journey, so don’t compare, you can aspire to live like someone but don’t compare yourself to anyone.

6. Today Is A Snapshot, Next Year Will Be Different

My life in California was completely different than it is now that I am in Colorado. I struggled to get by each day, then we moved to Colorado and the first year was rough because we didn’t have as much money as we wanted mainly because my job situation didn’t work out like it was supposed to so because of that we struggled. We had to move from the house we were renting to an apartment but since then we have been doing good. I tell you this because in just two years my family went from not being able to afford to pay rent in California, to always paying rent on time in Colorado. Make plans for what you want and go for it! Don’t focus on the negativity because then you will drown in it. Instead, plan for tomorrow and you will see success.

7. You won’t have it all figured out yet

Believe me, I wanted to be out of the rut I was in and living a good life. The thing is you don’t have to solve every problem to get there. Instead of trying to solve every single problem you have and making your life for yourself worse take your problems one step at a time because it’s ok to not have everything perfect in your life right now. Like I said earlier everyone is in different chapters of their books and the perfect like is just a different chapter of yours. You will get there when the time is right.

8. Who Cares What They Have Achieved?

You are not in someone else’s journey so what they are doing doesn’t matter. Their salary, whether they went to college or not. None of it matters!! You know why… because everyone is in a different chapter of their book. So someone may be later on in their book so there is no point compairing.

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9. You Can Change Your Environment

You’re not stuck in your life. Everything is in your control. So if you don’t like something that is happening to you don’t just let it continue to bother you. You need to do what needs to be done and change your situation so that can’t bother you anymore. Live your life the way you want to live it, so if that means looking for a better job because you keep being passed on that promotion then go for it. For example, I enjoy writing this blog but I can’t feel guilty that I didn’t do what my parents wanted me to do and chose to write this blog instead. You are not living this life to please others you first have to make yourself happy.

10. Go With Little Achievements

Focusing on the end goal can be disheartening. Doing so will overwhelm you and you wont do what it takes to get there. This blog I have monthly goals that I set up and try to achieve. If I said I have to be a millionaire and wasn’t making it I would be more likely to quit, but these monthly goals make it so I stick in the game. It helps me see the bigger picture while achieving smaller goals along the way. You can set up goals for anything you want, work, fitness, just feeling better and these little goals work.

Remember you are in control… nobody else! 

10 Things To Tell Yourself When You Are Having A Bad Day

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