10 Things to DO to Avoid Living In Clutter

10 Things to DO to Avoid Living In Clutter

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We all have had those times where we are overwhelmed and can’t figure out what to do. Well, the last couple of months have been just that for me… overwhelming. To the point where I even contemplated quitting blogging. I got through that time and hopefully, you read my last post because that helped me get through it and that was very helpful. Now that I have gotten through that it is time to tackle living in clutter!

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Unfortunately, though it’s because of that stressful time that I didn’t keep up on cleaning my house and following my Ultimate Cleaning Schedule and things got out of hand and got overwhelming. So this list not only helps get out from under clutter but also how to stay on top of things and stay clutter-free.

1. Follow A Cleaning Schedule

You want to follow a cleaning schedule to stay on top of it because if you don’t it will get overwhelming. If you don’t have one then check out the one I listed above. You may even want to start with this: 101 Things You Should Toss Immediately To Eliminate Clutter before you actually start with the cleaning schedule.

2. Everything Must Have A Home

Now that you have completed tossing everything to help with clutter and started using a scheduled to clean. This opens up for you to see what does and doesn’t have a home. If you realize that you have things that don’t have a home, then ask yourself do I need this? Does it bring me joy?

When everything has a home it will make it a lot easier to keep up with your cleaning schedule. Also to help with clutter when you go shopping ask yourself where will this item’s home be when I purchase it? If you can’t think of one then maybe that item shouldn’t be bought.

3. Keep “Catch-All” Surfaces Clear... AKA Flat Surfaces

Any and all flat surfaces in your home can attract clutter. When I was going through my stressful month this was a big problem. When I got the mail I would just throw it on the coffee table. The problem is then that would attract a sweater and more papers and soon enough you couldn’t see the coffee table anymore. Any and all flat surfaces should only have decorations or photos on them. Even then keep those to a minimum or that surface will look cluttered.

4. Don’t Let Clutter Pile UP

Have you ever been to the house of someone who always has a clean house? If you notice they are very vigilant about making sure it stays that way. Some to the point where they make sure you put a coaster under your drinks. The point is that if you want to stay ahead of clutter you have to be vigilant about it. This means keeping all the surfaces clean and putting things back AS SOON AS you are done with them.

5. Don’t go to bed with a dirty house

If you keep up on things then this will only take 15-30 minutes max every night. You need to make a sweep of each room and make sure there is nothing out of place. Also, make sure there are no dirty dishes in the kitchen. There is NO reason to go to bed without making sure the dishes are done.

Also doing this will reduce/eliminate stress in your life. How many times have you gotten up and seen that the house was a mess and it annoyed you and made you mad?  With a clean house you wake up without having to worry about that and it is wonderful!

6. Make Your Bed!

I don’t know how many posts I have written that involve this for many different reasons. It is such a simple task to do in the morning that can do many things. It can reduce stress/anxiety and clutter, as well as improve your mood and productivity!

7/8. Do Laundry

Now if you follow my Ultimate Cleaning Schedule doing the laundry is on it! Now the important thing is not just doing it but putting it away after it is done. That is my biggest downfall right now. I will forget to put away the laundry after it is done and then dirty clothes get mixed in with the clean ones. Then I am forced to rewash clothes that are already clean because I am not sure which ones are dirty.

Also by doing this you won’t have clothes lying around everywhere causing clutter. It is amazing how fast clothes can make a place look filled with clutter. Your family size will determine how often you run loads. Trial and error to get this down but if you are a decent size family at least do one load a day.

9/10. Clean as you go… DON’T WAIT!

This is something that I have tried to start doing myself. As soon as I finish something I clean it up. Since we have animals sometimes they have accidents. What I use to do is just “clean” it up and go about my day. Mainly because the deep clean day for that room wasn’t for a week. Now we have a small carpet cleaner and if it happens I immediately use that carpet cleaner to really get a good clean up on the area. No more waiting just because it’s inconvenient.

Bonus: No Distractions

I use to be bad at this. I would start cleaning the kitchen, then I would get distracted and move on to the living room, then the bathroom. Never actually getting any rooms clean. One thing I have done since I was a little kid to avoid doing this was to use tape. Whatever room I decide to clean I will put masking tape borders on the “zone” that I am cleaning. This way I have a visual of my mental note of what section I am cleaning.

I tell myself that I am not allowed to leave the specific section until it is clean. It may sound odd but it helps me stay on task. Other ways to avoid distractions for me are:

Listening to music. Here are some of my favorites:

If you don’t like those songs then check out THIS.

Other things that you can do to limit distractions are as follows:

  • Use my tape method and don’t clean other areas
  • Put a sign on your door that says “baby napping” (even if you don’t have one) Those people who are uninvited don’t know!
  • If you actually have a baby then put the baby down for a nap
  • Turn off the phone (unless you are using it for music)
  • Keep all other electronics like laptops/TVs off while you clean

So I hope you have enjoyed these 10 tips to avoid living in clutter. If you feel like I missed any then let me know in the comments below. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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