10 Chores To Give Your Tween/Teen

Now I want to share with you these chores that I have given my daughter to do to make life a little easier for everyone:

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Now my wife and I are at a disagreement when it comes to giving our daughter chores. My wife wants to give her less, I don’t know why, while I want to give her more so I can push responsibility on to her. My daughter is almost 13 years old and at times gives push back to doing things she is asked. I feel that I am part to blame for that because I didn’t push her to do chores earlier.

When we lived in California we were very unorganized and didn’t have structure. Trying to get things done was difficult. Then we moved and both my wife and I made the decision that we did not want to live like that in Colorado. That is why I came up with a cleaning schedule to make things a lot easier on everyone.

Now I want to share with you these chores that I have given my daughter to do to make life a little easier for everyone:

Make The Bed

For the simple fact that she is soon going to be a teenager she is responsible for making her bed every morning. Also by doing this when she gets home from her “long day” she is happy knowing that she doesn’t have to do that.

Pick Up Her Room (Toys + Dirty Clothes)

This is another one I try to have her do in the morning. If she does this in the morning then like the one above she will come home from school to a clean room, plus, it gives her time to do the next one. (If she fills the laundry basket)

Now I want to share with you these chores that I have given my daughter to do to make life a little easier for everyone:

Start A Load Of Laundry

She is now old enough to where she can do the laundry. Also now with the laundry pods it makes it very simple for her to do it because she can just throw them in. (I supervise her when she does this)

Pet Chores

So a few years ago I found out that one of my daughters friends was taking care of not only her cats and dogs, but her horse as well! That was when I decided that she needed to start taking care of her animals more. Until then I feel like she just viewed them as “toys” that she didn’t have to take care of. We have plenty of animals that this is a good chore for her. She is now responsible for feeding, and getting them water. She also needs to take the dogs out so they can get exercise and relieve themselves. Any cleaning up after them she is responsible for as well. This is going to teach her that pets are not toys they are a major responsibility.

Kitchen Duties

There are a few here that is why I named it such. The chores here are as follows: Washing Dishes, Emptying Dishwasher, Cleaning Kitchen

We decided to give her one room outside of her bedroom to be in charge of and since she is constantly wanting to create food dishes, (more on that later) we decided to have her make sure the kitchen stays clean. It also is one of the smallest rooms in our apartment so it needs to be kept up on or it looks horrible quickly.


This isn’t so much of a chore but more of something fun that she likes to do. She will usually make dinner, sometimes breakfast. The thing is she likes to make some interesting creations that tend to make the kitchen messy quickly.

This is what she made for breakfast Easter Sunday.

Clean Bathroom

So in our old place we all were using the same bathroom so we didn’t have this chore. Now in our current apartment she has her own bathroom. Growing up she has become more interested in hair products and other things, like beauty products. With this comes chaos and it needs to be addressed. So she is responsible for her bathroom. Clothes are not to be just left on the floor, they need to go straight to dirty clothes or the washer. Counters need to be kept clean and trash thrown into the bathroom trash. Once the bathroom trash is full it must be thrown out.

Empty Trash

This one is everyone’s least favorite to do so we have her do it. Once the kitchen trash is full it MUST be taken to the trash chute. Since we live in an apartment we don’t have trash bins like we did at our old house. Which at times has its benefits because I never forget to take the trash to the curb. There are times though where things won’t fit the chute so she cant do those and she will tell me if it doesn’t fit. That has to be taken to a trash bin off site.

I know that some people give their kids an allowance for doing chores, as of right now we do not. If we have a hard time getting her to do her chores then we might start doing it in the future.

Now I want to share with you these chores that I have given my daughter to do to make life a little easier for everyone:

Do your kids earn an allowance? I’d love for you to leave a comment letting me know what chores they do and if they get an allowance. It’s always helpful to hear from other parents. 

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