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Welcome. For you to know where this journey is going you first have to know where I have been and since I want this blog to be about health, wealth and family I will tell you a little about where I have been so you can understand why I want to help people so much.

For this we will start at what ended up being my families life changing events. First I got in a car accident where I blacked out and my car went off the freeway down into a ditch roughly 80-100 feet down. Then after that I almost lost my wife when she had a stroke. It was these two events that brought us closer together than we has ever been before, which I am forever thankful for (as weird as that may sound). Unfortunately because of all the medical issues we now faced our financial situation took a serious hit.

We were struggling to make it where we lived and bills just kept piling up. At the time I was working for UPS but what I was making there just wasn’t enough. That was when we decided we needed to make a change. I’m not talking a little change like the type of salad dressing on a salad. We decided we needed to move out of California and to a new state! I asked my work if I could transfer and they told me I couldn’t so I found another job that would allow me to transfer out of state and then I put in my two-week notice.

We decided that we wanted to move to Colorado, so we took a trip out there to see if we liked the area that we were thinking of moving to, and I am glad we did because we ended up liking it a lot! A few months later we made the move and it was tough leaving the state where we have lived most of our life but we knew it was for the best.

Unfortunately, when we got out here my transfer didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped it would and I went a while with no job which burned through some of our savings. This caused a domino effect which made our first year a rough one. We bounced back and I have to say since then it has been great here and I hope from here on out it will be even better!

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